If you’ve visited my site before, you’ll know that I’ve spent a lot of time reviewing, testing and writing about various business and digital marketing software products. So I’ve become pretty familiar with what’s available and what’s best for online businesses. In this post, I’ll be giving you a Kartra review and looking to answer the site’s claim that it’s the “greatest all-in-one platform ever”.

Kartra is indeed a powerful software, offering a diverse suite of tools from landing pages, memberships sites and lead generation tools to email automation, calendars and embedding pop-up forms inside marketing videos.

The solutions are diverse but invaluable for modern marketing and optimizing a growing online business. 

So this Kartra review will explore these various features and provide some recommendations for who this software would be ideal for.


  • Kartra: What Is It?
  • Key Features & Pricing
  • Who is Kartra For?
  • Who is Kartra Not For?
  • Is Kartra the Best Platform For Online Business?
    • The Best Kartra Alternatives & Substitutes
    • Other Business & Marketing Software Options
  • Conclusion
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      Kartra: What Is It?

      As mentioned in the introduction, Kartra is an all-in-one marketing software solution for businesses. It provides robust solutions stretching across all facets of running a profitable business online.

      Building and managing landing pages, sales funnels, leads and customer lists, email sequences, video marketing, forms and pop-ups and membership sites are just a few of the resources available to members. 

      It truly is a full suite of business and marketing tools.

      Perhaps one of the main draws for its members is being able to consolidate all of your business and marketing under one roof. 

      As a modern business, it’s absolutely essential that you have email marketing, sales funnels, form building, client account management capabilities, helpdesks and calendars as part of your business.

      However, managing all these various facets across multiple accounts can start to create chaos.

      That’s where Kartra can come in and integrate all of these business tools into one, easy-to-use dashboard. 

      So what is Kartra? 

      Well, it’s an all-in-one business and marketing solution to manage nearly every digital facet of your business including lead generation, client and customer relationship management, marketing, sales, scheduling and website building.

      Key Features & Pricing

      I’ve already introduced many of Kartra’s features throughout this post, such as its membership site capabilities or its email automation functionality. 

      So I’d like to use this section as a chance to clearly list out all the available features, tools and functions.

      I’ll also provide the pricing structure that Kartra offers members and the different plans that are available for purchase. 

      This will be a good opportunity to start thinking about how and if Kartra can help you and your business. 

      I’ll be discussing this topic in more detail below.

      Kartra Key Features

      • Landing Page Builder
        • Drag-and-drop page builder
        • Build high-converting pages in minutes
      • Complete Sales Funnels & Campaign Builder
      • Email Automation
      • Lead Generation & Customer Relationship Management
      • Checkouts & ECommerce Infrastructure
        • Easily add order bumps, upsells & downsells
      • Create Membership Sites
      • Advanced Video Editing & Customization
        • Embed pop-ups and call to actions
        • Fully customizable with logos, designs and graphics
        • Tagging features for tracking and retargeting viewers based on how much of a video they watched on your site
      • Calendars & Form Building
      • Create Your Own Affiliate Program
      • Helpdesks
        • Customer service management system to organize and collaborate customer support tasks, messages, billing and responses
      • Agency Capabilities
        • Manage multiple client accounts under one dashboard
      • Integrations & API

      Kartra Pricing

      Now for the elephant in the room: price. Given the extensive list of powerful features, it may come as no surprise that this software is a premium product with a premium price tag. 

      Still, it’s pretty affordable for most small to medium-sized businesses or people with cost conscious budgets while offering enough flexibility in its pricing and plan options (there are 5 different packages to choose from).

      Image Source: home.kartra.com/checkout
      • Starter Package ($99/month)
        • Up to 2,500 leads or contacts
        • 15,000 emails
        • 1 integrated domain
        • 50 GB of bandwidth and hosting
      • Silver Package ($199/month)
        • 12,500 leads or contacts
        • 125,000 emails
        • 3 integrated domains
        • 125 GB of bandwidth and hosting
      • Gold Package ($299/month)
        • 25,000 leads or contacts
        • 250,000 emails
        • 5 integrated domains
        • 250 GB of bandwidth and hosting
      • Platinum Package ($499/month)
        • 50,000 leads or contacts
        • 500,000 emails
        • 10 integrated domains
        • 400 GB of bandwidth and hosting
      • Enterprise Package (contact support)
        • Over 100,000 leads or contacts
        • 1,000,000 emails
        • 10 integrated domains
        • 600 GB of bandwidth and hosting

      Who Is Kartra For?

      Kartra is a powerful software solution with a lot of impressive features. These advanced functionalities provide users with a robust framework from which to automate, manage and scale their online businesses. 

      Understanding how these tools can fit into your existing business model is as important as understanding how these tools can improve upon your existing framework.

      Given that this software’s set of tools is rather extensive, it’s important to carefully look at the features and consider how each of them (or most of them) can improve your business and marketing. 

      Luckily, you can demo the product and also learn more about its features by clicking the green button above and visiting the site.

      Ultimately, this tool is perfect for

      • Expanding Businesses
      • Businesses That Are Already Implementing Many of the Available Features & Wish to Consolidate Their Marketing & Client/Customer Management
      • Businesses That Have A Clear Understanding & Goal for the Software’s Tools & Features

      • Businesses or Agencies That Manage Multiple Client Accounts
      • Businesses Focused On Growth Through Digital Marketing, Email Marketing & Professional Sales Funnels
      • Businesses With Larger Teams

      Who Is Kartra Not For?

      Given the advanced functionality of the Kartra platform, not all businesses and individuals may benefit fully from the software. 

      This is especially true for smaller businesses that don’t have large teams, client accounts or advanced marketing funnels for optimization.

      Since Kartra caters more exclusively to expanding entities and businesses with more extensive marketing and sales frameworks, not all users would find the platform beneficial. 

      Specifically, Kartra may not help:

      • Smaller Businesses Who Are Not Currently Using or Don’t Plan On Using Some of Kartra’s More Advanced Features
      • Solo Entrepreneurs or Small-Scale Entities With Low Client Volume
      • Businesses or Entrepreneurs Who Presently Don’t Understand How to Best Use Kartra’s Available Features or Who Don’t Have the Budget to Hire Out For These Expertise
      • Businesses Without A Clear Plan or Objective For Kartra’s Tools & Features
      • Newer Businesses Just Starting Out That Don’t Yet Have the Sales or Client Volume to Justify Some of Kartra’s More Advanced Automation & Optimization Systems

      So if your business doesn’t seem to be a match for Kartra at this point in time, there’s no shame in that. 

      In fact, there are some other software available that may better suit your business, objectives, budget or preferences. 

      Keep reading below for Other Business & Marketing Software Options!

      Is Kartra the Best Platform For Online Business?

      Kartra makes the claim that its software is “the greatest all-in-one platform ever“. But does this claim hold any water? 

      Well, it depends on who you ask I suppose and also whether the end user can take full advantage of the available features.

      Truly, it’s a powerful platform with a large array of useful business and marketing solutions. And having these solutions conveniently located under one dashboard supports the notion of the greatest all-in-one platform. 

      A secondary point is its intuitive and user-friendly interface.

      Its beginner friendly formats and drag-and-drop functionality enhance the platform’s value for its end users.

      Still, there are valid competitors that offer similar options with regard to functionality, ease of use and available features. 

      I’ve included a list for some of these top alternatives and substitutes below, which will be continually updated as I research and test new products and as new software becomes available.

      I’ve also included a list of software that is less of an all-in-one delivery system but rather focuses on individual features. 

      As you recall from the sections above, the Kartra software is quite robust and may not be suitable for all businesses.

      But that’s not to say that smaller businesses or new entrepreneurs can’t benefit from many of the core features of Kartra.

      Therefore, I’ve included a short list of other business and marketing software options that specialize in certain aspects of Kartra’s features and that will deliver the most value to businesses operating and marketing online.

      So is Kartra the best? Well, I don’t like to say that one platform is unequivocally and permanently superior to another. 

      And since there are equally powerful competitors, it really comes down to budget, preferences and objectives.

      That being said, I’m comfortable arguing that Kartra is in the top 3 or 4 software products for being one of the best all-in-one online business and marketing platforms.

      So let’s take a look at those other alternatives!

      The Best Kartra Alternatives & Substitutes

      • Ontraport ($79/month; 14-day free trial)
        • All-In-One Marketing Automation Tool
        • CRM
        • Create Membership Sites
        • Create Landing Pages
        • Email Marketing Automation
        • Powerful ECommerce, Sales & Online Payment Tools
      • HubSpot (free plan option)
        • Email Automation
        • Powerful CRM
        • Landing Pages & Sales Funnels
        • Huge Selection of Marketing, Sales & Customer Service Software Tools
      • ClickFunnels ($97/month; 14-day free trial)
        • Landing Page & Full Sales Funnel Builder
        • Membership Sites
        • One-Click Upsells & Downsells
        • Email Automation
        • Personal Affiliate Program Set-Up
        • Strong Online Community, Support & Training Material
      • Builderall (free plan)
        • Landing Page & Full Sales Funnel Builder
        • Membership Sites
        • Blogging App
        • Messenger Chatbot & SMS Messaging
        • Magazine Builder
        • CRM
        • Email Builder

      Other Business & Marketing Software Options

      • Landing Pages & Sales Funnel Software
        • Builderall (free plan)
          • Complete sales funnel builder
          • Make membership sites and an impressive host of other features
        • Leadpages (free trial)
          • User-friendly landing page and website builder
          • Build Facebook and Instagram ads directly inside dashboard
          • Simple and automatic Facebook pixel installation
        • Ucraft (free plan)
          • Great for simple landing pages
      • Email Marketing Software
        • HubSpot (free plan)

          • Powerful CRM, sales and marketing automation and management software
          • Simple email builder and automation set-up
        • Mailerlite (free plan)
          • Very intuitive drag-and-drop email builder
          • Create pop-ups and form easily
          • Easily create landing pages
        • GetResponse (free trial)

          • Email builder and automation
          • Landing page and sales funnel builder
        • Benchmark (free plan)

          • Super simple drag-and-drop email builder
          • Built-in image editing tool
        • AWeber (free trial)

          • Industry leading and trusted email automation software
          • Huge selection of email templates and customization options
          • 30-day free trial
      • Calendar, Scheduling & Team Collaboration Tools


      This review has introduced Kartra, its main features, pricing options and best alternatives. I’ve also explored topics related to who this software is best suited for (and who it is not necessarily suitable for).

      As a business operating online, it’s critical to start adopting modern management, lead generation, sales and marketing best practices. 

      Focusing on optimizing your digital marketing and business management efforts is required to stay relevant and grow as an online business.

      Luckily, there are many powerful software solutions to help you build and scale your business online. 

      Adopting effective sales funnels, one-click upsells and downsells, email automation and lead generation, video content with embedded opt-in forms and more has never been easier and does not necessarily have to come with a high price tag.

      Whether Kartra is a good choice for you and your business really depends on your current scale and whether you could actually benefit from the features.

      However, even by implementing just the core features – such as sales funnels, landing pages, video marketing and lead generation tactics – you can efficiently increase sales and revenue. 

      And using these tools does not necessarily require a Kartra subscription.

      There are a variety of effective software available, all offering a range of useful resources.

      So choosing the best software for your business really comes down to understanding if and how its features can benefit your business and marketing goals.

      Let me know in the comments what you think of business automation software! Do you currently use any software that helps your business? If so, what’s the biggest benefit (or drawback)?

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