So you’re thinking of signing up for a keyword research tool. That awesome! These tools add a lot of value to blogs and businesses. In this post, I’ll be giving you a Jaaxy review that includes my own experience as well as an awesome hack for getting extra business tools, mentorship, website hosting, training and so much more.

(And no worries, this “hack” doesn’t cost any more than the Jaaxy Pro plan does.)

But before we dive in to all that, we’ll take a look at Jaaxy itself, some great alternatives and whether a keyword research tool is even needed at all. 

So thanks for stopping by today – I hope you find the information in this post helpful. Now let’s get it!


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    Jaaxy & My Experience

    The Truth About Paid Keyword Research Tools

    Blogging and strategic content creation are now expected, core elements for modern businesses and entrepreneurs. 

    And keyword research is at the heart of all this.

    Did you know that more than 75% of internet users read blogs, and are rated as the 5th most trusted source of information online? This is information reported by OptinMonster.

    What’s more, as Ahrefs points out, search engines process over 1.9 billion search queries each month! And over 90% of those keywords receive 10 (or less) searches per month.

    That’s a lot of volume and a lot of attention.

    But more importantly, that’s a lot of opportunity – even for the low search volume keywords.

    And this is an important point to remember, especially for newer blogs or sites with lower domain authority.

    Keywords with low search volume are lower competition, and thus easier to rank for.

    If you’re a newer blog or business, a great strategy to to consistently target low-volume keywords.

    These longer, lower-volume phrases are often referred to as long tail keywords.  

    Over time, targeting long tail keywords not only grows your traffic, but also establishes a stronger domain authority.

    This allows you to eventually rank for more competitive terms down the road.

    “OK, this all sound great. But which keywords should I be targeting and how do I find the best ones for my niche?”

    This is where keyword research tools (or strategies) come in handy. 

    Prior to using Jaaxy, I had tried a variety of free keyword research methods. 

    However, I never got far past a few simple searches and brainstorming. 

    This is primarily because I didn’t know what to look for and I didn’t totally understand which keywords were good and which were bad.

    Simply put, I was new to keyword research and didn’t understand the information I was getting or what it meant.

    That being said, free strategies can and do work. In fact, I use them all the time. 

    It’s just important we know what we’re doing.

    Paid keyword tools can be great resources.

    But using Google alone is also a powerful and free way to do simple but effective keyword research.

    Using Google for free keyword research can be super effective. 

    If you’re interested in this approach, I’ve linked out for further reading below, SEO in 3 Steps (yep, I’ve got your back).

    So this all begs the question, why use a keyword research tool at all if free options also work?

    For me, a lot of it comes down to having:

    • More insightful analytics
    • More robust data and information
    • Useful organizational tools to manage your research

    So how about Jaaxy? Did it help me organize and navigate keyword research as a beginner?

    For starters, I definitely had some immediate clarity, organization and understanding of two key metrics for gauging keywords: 

    Search Volume


    The best keywords should have a higher search volume but a lower competition.

    Low competition here means keywords whose currently ranking articles are not from big, well-established sites.

    And Jaaxy gives you information on both search volume and competition (via their QSR metric, quoted search results).

    Overall, the platform boasts a minimalist layout with user-friendly explanation pop-ups on most features.

    So lets look at Jaaxy’s pros and cons more. 

    These are the key points I’ve experienced with the platform.

    Jaaxy Pros

    • Beginner-friendly & sleek, minimal interface
      • Very simple to quickly learn; No experience or expertise required
      • No overwhelming amount of buttons, options or confusing elements
    • Create lists and save keywords all in one place
    • Pop-up explanations to quickly understand the data
    • Unlimited searches & saves
    • Search for your website’s rank for any particular keyword across different search engines
    • Brainstorm & related keywords features on side bar
    • Shows domain availability for each keyword search

    Jaaxy Cons

    • The suggestions sometimes gives keywords With <10 searches per month
    • Data isn’t 100% accurate
      • This is true for any keyword research tool
      • Cross reference on Google to see who the top competitors are in the results
      • If the top results include authoritative, established websites, then ranking is very difficult – even though Jaaxy says it’s good
    • You Have to Load the Results Individually For Each Keyword (under the Pro plan)
      • Not a problem for me personally, but can be slightly tedious if you’re loading every single result
      • The upgraded Enterprise Plan does not have this issue
    • Can Only Use One Search Tab at a Time
      • The Enterprise Plan allows for multiple search tabs to be open at once
    • Can Be A Bit Pricey at $49/month
      • Hence the purpose of this article – to get more bang for your buck.

    $ Tip Jar $

    Make your keywords more niche and specific.

    • For example, “keyword research” is general and competitive.
    • But “keyword research for veterinarians” is more niche and easier to rank for.

    Although there are advanced strategies to increase ranking authority, like backlinking, simply being more specific with your keywords will go a long way for newer sites.

    Recommended Read: SEO & Keyword Research In 3 Simple Steps

    *Post is pivoted to artists, but the strategies hold up for all niches

    Jaaxy Features & Tools​

    When I first started using Jaaxy, I really didn’t explore too many of the available tools. 

    And honestly, I still mostly use the saved lists function, site rank, keyword research and the suggestions tool.

    Still, Jaaxy offers a lot of other useful functions for research, analysis and data gathering. 

    Let’s check them out.

    Jaaxy Key Features

    • Powerful Keyword Research Tools
      • Basic Keyword Search & Easy to Read Data
      • Alphabet Soup Search
        • Expand your search to include your core keyword + additional words/phrases people are searching from A-Z
      • Brainstorm
        • Save ideas for future reference
        • Find keywords for Google Trends, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers & Twitter Trends
      • Search Analysis
        • Enter and analyze keywords to see which websites are currently ranking for them
    • Saved Lists
      • Create niche lists to save and organize your keywords
    • Search History
      • Never lose your keyword research
    • Site Rank
      • See where your website ranks for any specific keywords
      • 100 monthly scans – scan the search engines to see where your site appears
    • Affiliate Program
      • Automatically a member of the affiliate progrom
      • Refer Jaaxy to people and earn monthly recurring revenue for each new member signed up under your link
        • $20/month for Pro Plans; $40/month for Enterprise Plans
    • Jaaxy Help
      • Great training material to improve your keyword research and online business skills

    The Best Alternatives to Jaaxy​

    OK, so despite the variety of useful features with Jaaxy, there are (of course) many other competitors worth noting. 

    I’ve researched and included both free and paid alternatives. 

    These are all great options that will give you high-quality performance and quality research insight.

    Ubersuggest (free)

    • Neil Patel’s free keyword research tools
    • Has a lot of impressive features, all for free!

    Keyword Surfer (free Chrome extension)

    • Keyword data displays on search results page within the side bar

    Ahrefs ($99/month)

    • Similar features to Jaaxy
    • Content Explore feature, which lets you analyze top performing content from competitors in your niche
    • There are some free features
    • 7-day trial for only $7

    Mangools ($29.90/month*)

    • Advertised as the best and most affordable alternative to Ahrefs
    • Note, the $29.90/month price if for annual plans; monthly paid plans start at $49/month
    • Sleek and modern design and interface

    SEMrush ($99.95/month)

    • All-in-one marketing, SEO and keyword research toolkit with a full suite of internet marketing features and industry/competitor analysis tools
    • Honestly, almost too many features to list, so definitely check it out if you’re interested in having an all-in-one business and marketing package

    Moz ($99/month)

    • Keyword research tool with many of the same features as Jaaxy
    • Also comes with On-Page Optimization feature to improve customer experience and rankings

    Answer the Public (free)

    • Awesome tool that uses language patterns to build out keyword lists
    • Customize each keyword using question, preposition and comparison filters
    • Really cool visualization feature for your keyword research

    Google & Google Trends (free)

    • Start searching for any keyword in Google and use the autofill suggestions to search a starter term
    • This is an indicator of what’s popular and trending
    • Explore the People also ask… and Related searches for more ideas
    • Google Trends will give you invaluable insights into niche trends and can help guide your content strategy

    The Jaaxy Bonus Hack​

    So here we are! My illusive “bonus hack” to get extra business tools to compliment your keyword research endeavors. 

    This section gives a simple way to not only get a Jaaxy Plan but also a suite of other internet business and website tools. 

    So if you’re considering using Jaaxy (or any other keyword research or business platform), then consider checking out this hack – I’ve personally had a great experience with it.

    Jaaxy Hack for Bonus Business Tools

    1. Sign Up For An Account With Wealthy Affiliate
    2. Start Using Jaaxy & Wealthy Affiliate Immediately
    3. Wealthy Affiliate Costs Only $19 the First Month (which is cheaper than Jaaxy)
      1. After the first month, Wealthy Affiliate costs $49/month
      2. $49/month is the same cost as the Jaaxy Pro Plan by itself
      3. But Also Get Access to Wealthy Affiliate Full Suite of Features (see below)

    *Note: with a Wealthy Affiliate membership, the received Jaaxy plan will be Jaaxy Lite (a step below the pro plan). 

    This plan is not listed on the Jaaxy site, but rather a special through WA. 

    However, considering the extra tools and resources received through a WA membership, I believe it’s a great deal (see Key Features below). 

    You can also read more here

    So there it is, a simple hack that greatly enhances what you get for a $49/month membership fee. 

    So let’s dig a little deeper into Wealthy Affiliate now.

    Basically it’s a platform for blogging and creating profitable websites aimed at ranking and monetization. 

    There are numerous tools and resources on the platform – including the Jaaxy keyword tool – so it’s definitely worth considering.

    Wealthy Affiliate Key Features

    • Extensive Library of Training Videos & Tutorials
      • Topics are extensive including online business strategies, website optimization, digital marketing, photo and video editing, social media strategy and making money online
    • Free Website Hosting & Training
      • Host up to 25 WordPress websites on any single account
      • Easily manage multiple websites and learn how to build effective sites using WordPress
      • Purchase domains directly through Wealthy Affiliate and manage site email through the dashboard
    • Use the Site Builder as a Guide to Quickly & Easily Build New Websites
    • Use Site Comments to Increase Engagement On Your Website(s)
      • It’s a give and take model
      • You read other member’s website posts and leave a comment and they return the favor
      • Having higher engagement on a website will improve organic search engine rankings and build trust and authority
    • Use Site Feedback to Improve Your Business & Website
      • Simply post inside Wealthy Affiliate that you’d like feedback on a particular part of your website
      • Users will then give constructive feedback on user experience, design, functionality, ways to improve the site and any issues or bugs experienced
    • Mentorship
      • Private messaging Wealthy Affiliate’s founders as well as other successful members is quick, easy and encouraged
    • Community
      • Join a thriving community of other internet entrepreneurs
      • Have any internet business questions answered
      • Network and build relationships with like-minded, business-oriented people
      • Post a question and wait for comments or join a live chat for quicker responses
      • Send private messages to other users and successful online entrepreneurs
    • Free Access to Frequent Live Events & Webinars
      • Stay updated on industry trends and online business methods
    • $19 For the First Month’s Membership Free

    As you can see, for the same amount of money as the Jaaxy Pro plan by itself, you can capitalize on Wealthy Affiliate’s partnership with Jaaxy. 

    Taking advantage of two powerful online tools for the price of one was an easy choice for me.

    But let me know in the comments what you think about this!


    This post has provided you with my personal experience using Jaaxy, its main features and some of the major pros and cons with the software. 

    Although there are many free options for your keyword research, using a paid tool like Jaaxy will allow you to unlock powerful functionality including more accurate data, competitor insights and site rank tools.

    I’ve included in this review a list of suitable alternatives to Jaaxy should you decide to explore other options. 

    While many of these options are paid, some tools are completely free to use, so definitely check these out if you’re main priority is budget!

    Finally, if Jaaxy sounds like a good tool to meet your needs, I’ve shown you a simple hack to not only get a Jaaxy Pro Plan account but also exclusive access to internet marketing and website building training, hosting, mentorship and more – at no additional cost.

    This hack is simple and possible due to Wealthy Affiliate’s partnership with Jaaxy. 

    If you’ve been on the fence about Jaaxy, this may be a great reason to sign up. And if you sign up under Wealthy Affiliate, your first month is only $19!

    So thanks so much for stopping by today and reading, I hope this was interesting and informative!

    Let me know in the comments what you think about paid keyword research tools. Are they overpriced? Are they helpful?

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