This is my marketing site; an offshoot from my main brand, Jake Y’ou (where I travel and make music, art and films along the way).

I built this site a while back, as a place to put all my interests, experiences and passions – in hopes that it would help other creatives like me.

After some tweaking, rebranding and few serendipities, I arrived at ArtsicMoon.

Literally meaning (YourArt (and) Music (to theMoon.

I used art as a catchall, to encompass all creatives. Plus, artsic was just too catchy to pass up (at least, I thought so).

This blog focuses primarily on content strategy, online presence, digital marketing strategy, SEO and blogging, brand building and monetizing your creativity.

This blog is a culmination of:

  • My years working as a content strategist and SEO
  • My decades as a musician and artist (looking to grow)
  • My passion for sharing insights and what’s working for me

This is site is for creatives: musicians, artists, filmmakers, designers, illustrators, crafters and everyone in between.

This site is for you.


And of course reach out anytime with any questions you may have (or to just say “what’s up”).

– J