Social media and digital marketing completely changed the game for how businesses operate and scale. And it’s possible that Facebook automation software will be a whole new game altogether. 

As data gathering and software technology continue to develop, opportunities for marketing automation are becoming increasingly available for online businesses.

This is a fantastic way to make your business more lean and to streamline and optimize processes on autopilot. 

So I’d like to highlight in this post the Connect.IO software, which is a suite of Facebook ads automation tools to help optimize your campaigns and boost conversion rates while saving you time and energy.

Founded by Facebook marketing guru Wilco de Kreij, the Connect.IO software includes the following tools:

ConnectRetarget is actually one of my favorite tools. In fact, it’s the one that he used to boost his conversions by 384% through optimized automation technology. 

And many other users are claiming similar conversion rate increases after adopting this tool (Connect.IO, Home, 2019).

So what gives? Why is this software not more popular and how can it claim such dramatic improvements in conversions and marketing management? 

Let’s look at the specifics and talk about whether this software can help you and your business or not.

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Retargeting Only the Most Engaged People – All On Autopilot

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I’ve already mentioned the ConnectRetarget platform in the introduction. After all, its claims to a 384% increase in conversions is what inspired this post’s title! 

So let’s dive in to these assertions a little more, shall we?

Essentially, retargeting with digital marketing means reconnecting with people who visited your website or engaged with your content in some way, but never took any actions. 

It is one of the most important parts of a successful digital marketing campaign. Without retargeting, you’re marketing efforts will fail. 

The rule of 7 states that customers need to be exposed to your business or brand up to 7 times before they convert on an offer; retargeted customers are up to 4 times more likely to convert than first-time site visitors (ConnectRetarget, 2020).

What this means is you need to be retargeting people with followup communication to strengthen relationships, build trust and authority and instill your brand and offer into their psyche.

This is all done quite well with the existing ad infrastructure. However, ConnectRetarget excels in two ways:

  • It takes all the legwork out of the whole retargeting process by completely automating it
    • Retargeting is an advanced skill that requires experience, marketing knowledge and technical know-how
    • ConnectRetarget is a beginner-friendly solution to adopting retargeting tactics
  • Retargets customers based only on the specific behaviors, actions and factors that yield the highest returns
    • Why retarget everyone that visited your page the same way?
      • This is how most traditional retargeting campaigns operate
    • With ConnectRetarget, you can further segment your retargeting and focus only on customers that are the most engaged
      • For example, retargeting people that actually spent time scrolling through your site will be way more profitable than just retargeting everyone who landed on your page, including all the people that just quickly bounced and showed no interest at all

As mentioned above, retargeting and advanced segmenting requires strategic expertise, but this software is completely beginner-friendly and actually more effective than how most companies are currently running retargeting campaigns online.

Automatically Turn Your Best Posts Into Profitable Ads

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What if you could easily and automatically turn your regular Facebook posts directly into profitable, high-performing ads?

ConnectAutomate is a really exciting opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs to start using Facebook advertising without any previous experience or technical know-how. Basically, it’s an innovative tool that automatically turns your best-performing Facebook posts into profitable ads.

It’s like post boosting, but strategic and actually optimized for growth and a positive ROI.

The system takes advantage of Facebook’s core mission, which is to continually improve user experience by having more engaging content that users are actually interested in and interacting with.

Simply put, people don’t want ads, so if you can promote posts that get engagement and interaction, you’ll have Facebook’s support.

Recycling your regular posts that have proven interaction is an innovative hack for creating marketing campaigns that yield higher engagement. 

This actually lowers your ad costs since ads that get more engagement will be favored by the Facebook algorithm, which will also result in your ad being sent out to more people since it performs well.

Find & Target Hidden Audiences That Your Competition Doesn’t Know About

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Effective targeting is the backbone to any successful campaign. Without it, your offers and messaging will essentially be wasted. 

Of course, Facebook’s hyper-targeting abilities and personalization of the ad experience is a huge opportunity for business and marketers.

But having a tool that amplifies those already expansive targeting capabilities in Facebook will give your business a huge advantage when it comes to beating out the competition.

Essentially, ConnectExplore lets you find and target less competitive groups of people within your specific niche. More often than not, researching and building a target audience is all done within the Facebook Business Manager.

And sure, that’s for good reason – it’s an extremely powerful tool with incredible insight and targeting capabilities.

However, its targeting results are actually a bit limited and will only show you the same audiences that millions of other businesses and marketers are already targeting with their ads and offers.

This is where ConnectExplore’s advantage is realized. The software allows you to find hidden audiences to advertise to that currently do not show up on Facebook’s interest targeting tools. 

So if being first to enter an untapped market has any value to you, then this tool is definitely worth checking out!

Automatically Add Leads to Your List Directly From Facebook (no email input required)

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ConnectLeads lets you grow your email list using frictionless, two-click lead generation. Users can subscribe to your offer and list all directly inside Facebook and their information will be automatically added to and connected with your autoresponder.

Despite the growing popularity of advanced digital marketing tactics, building an email list is still one of the most effective marketing strategies. 

ConnectLeads allows you to quickly and painlessly build your email list all within Facebook by improving upon and leveraging Facebook LeadAds.

Facebook LeadAds is a newer tool that connects the user’s information directly from Facebook to you and your business. Your prospect’s can claim offers without ever leaving Facebook or putting in their email.

This system also leverages the power of Facebook’s expansive data and allows for advanced segmentation and list building techniques.

The main issue with Facebook LeadAds is there is currently no way to integrate your collected leads directly with your autoresponder. This is a big disconnect within your sales and marketing funnel(s). But ConnectLeads provides an innovative solution to that problem.

So rather than having to manually export and import leads, this platform automates the process and lets you retarget interested prospects much quicker and more efficiently. And this is an important point.

If you’re running lead capture ads and continually generating new contacts, you want to be able to quickly retarget them with followup communication. 

If you need to manually sort through and export your leads each time, this can be a big obstacle to your campaign’s performance and profitability.

So if lead generation is on your marketing radar, definitely click the button below and head over to ConnectLeads to learn more about how this software can help your business and marketing!

Innovative Email Retargeting Using Facebook Ads

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This tool is really interesting. Essentially, it allows you to segment your email list to people who have (or haven’t) opened your emails and who’ve engaged with the content in some way.

From here, ConnectAudience allows you to send only those subscribers who have opened a particular email a customized Facebook retargeting ad.

This combination of email communication and Facebook ad retargeting is pretty advanced, but this software makes the whole process seamless and simple.

We’ve already talked about the importance of retargeting for marketing agility. And combining that power with the high value asset of your most engaged subscribers can dramatically increase advertising ROI and conversions.

If you’re interested in learning more about this innovative email + retargeting ad hack, click the button below!

Discussion: Who's This Software For?

Automation is an asset that any business, marketer or entrepreneur can benefit from. It saves you time, money and headache from tedious tasks. 

So who is the Connect.IO software for exactly?

Honestly, most anyone trying to make or increase profits online can find value in at least one of these products. 

Given the software’s expansive suite of tools, it’s a great choice from beginners to experts and from new businesses to established brands alike.

The software does come with a money-back guarantee, so it truly is a risk-free investment that gives you a pretty powerful product to add to your business arsenal.

That being said, if you’re completely new to online business and/or you currently do not have an existing offer, niche or target market in mind, then this software may not be a good fit for you at this time.

You want to be sure that your marketing objectives, target audience and business offers are established and focused. 

Without a clear objective and business offer established, this automation software won’t be able to help you as best as it can!

If You’re Looking to Start Or Grow An Online Business, I Recommend Starting With Content. Check Out This Free Resource On Content Marketing!

Other Facebook Ad Automation Tools




Automation is a key driver for many online businesses and it’s a trend that will only continue to develop. 

Using more automation in your business and marketing means you’ll have more time to focus on actually helping people by bringing the most value to the market and to your prospects.

The benefits of the Connect.IO software include

  • Optimizing your lead generation funnels with frictionless, two-click offers
  • Automating your marketing by turning your existing posts into profitable ads
  • Dramatically enhancing your retargeting campaigns with advanced, behavior-based retargeting
  • Maximizing your prospect communication by combining retargeting ads with subscriber email engagement
  • Beating out your competition by finding hidden target audiences

The Connect.IO software is an innovative tool for businesses and marketers to take advantage of and I’m excited to see what the future holds for both this company and the increased demand for automated marketing solutions.

Well, thanks for reading! That’s all I’ve got for you today!

Let me know in the comments: Do you think the Connect.IO software is necessary? Or do you prefer less automation for your marketing and business?

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