It’s an amazing time to be alive. As artists and creative entrepreneurs, we have a seemingly ever-expanding suite of amazing online tools. So welcome to your list of awesome jewelry blog ideas (complete with competitive keywords to use, free for the taking).

Blogging doesn’t need to be overly complicated. It does however require a little finesse.

Namely, your title, concepts and keywords need to be dialed in and strategic to take full advantage of this marketing strategy.

The ideas below are available for you to use completely free (but they should also inspire even more ideas, and act as a springboard).

Alright, enough chit chat – let’s get it!

4 Benefits of Having A Blog for Your Jewelry Business​

If you’ve spent any time online, you’ll understand the power of blogging – especially as a creative solopreneur. It’s a more passive form of marketing and traffic generation (albeit, it does require some upfront work).

Before we jump into the blog ideas, let’s explore some core benefits to having a blog as a handmade or craft jewelry business owner.

1. It’s Free Traffic

Yea, this is a huge perk. It’s no secret that blogging can give websites and businesses invaluable traffic (for free). In fact, there are whole businesses built on this strategy, creating passive traffic channels and monetizing blog posts along the way.

2. It’s Adding Value + Building Relationships

People visit blogs to have questions answered and to find solutions to problems. So blogging is really all about adding value to your market and audience. Naturally, this focus on value creation will foster and strengthen relationships for your business.

3. It Builds Trust, Authority + Credibility

Having articles that rank in Google immediately boosts your credibility and authority in any niche. It’s proof that you know what you’re doing and you genuinely care (after all, creating a ranking blog isn’t exactly a walk in the park).

4. It Increases Your Exposure + Reach

Creating articles for search engines means you can reach people across time zones and no matter what time of the day it is. There’s no ideal posting time or ad spend to worry about. In fact, you can even create customized content and blog series based on region.

20+ Awesome Jewelry Blog Ideas​

As I mentioned in the introduction, you can feel free to use these topics as is or customize them in any way you’d like. Ultimately however, I hope these ideas serve as a jumping off point for you, inspiring a collection of other concepts you can use.

So here are 20 awesome jewelry blog ideas.

  • What Jewelry to Wear to Wedding | Standing Out (Without Stealing the Show)
  • X Reasons to Buy Handmade Jewelry
  • Handmade Jewelry VS Mass Produced Pieces: What to Know
  • Where to Go to Buy Truly Unique, Quality Vintage Handmade Jewelry

  • X Ways to Look More Unique (Without Breaking the Bank)

  • When NOT to Wear A Necklace: X Rules for Wearing Necklaces

  • How to Match Jewelry With (Skin Tone/Outfit/etc.)

  • X Tips for Choosing Jewelry for (Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall)

  • X Examples of Jewelry Done Right
  • Wearing Jewelry to (Work/Wedding/School/etc.): X Do’s & Don’ts

  • X Myths About Handmade Jewelry

  • How & Where to Buy Custom Jewelry

  • What Is Jewelry With A Purpose? What to Know

  • X Jewelry Ideas for This (Christmas/Holiday Season)

  • How to Buy Jewelry for (Your Daughter/Grandmother/Wife/etc.)

  • Is Jewelry A Good Investment? X Reasons to Buy Unique Items

  • A Brief History of Jewelry (+ What to Expect Looking Forward)

  • X Jewelry Trends to Look Out For (In 2022)

  • Why Jewelry Tarnishes & X Other Interesting Facts

  • Luxury Jewelry for Less: The Art of Looking Fancy On A Budget

20+ Jewelry Blog Keywords to Use

These keywords are based on real research and include monthly search volumes (MSV). While these are great for creating blog topics around, some of them can be used within your main website, as a way to optimize for general ranking.

For research, I used the keyword research tool Jaaxy, which scrapes Google search results and spits out estimations for monthly search volumes.

Finally, it’s important to note that the keywords I listed below were specifically chosen as being less competitive. This is why they are more niche, longer and specific.

General keywords (such as “buy handmade jewelry”) are usually competitive and difficult to rank for, as a smaller site or newer blog.

  • handmade jewelry vs machine made” (24 MSV)
  • handmade jewelry necklaces” (56 MSV)
  • designer handmade jewelry” (93 MSV)
  • where to buy handmade jewelry” (16 MSV)
  • how to buy fine jewelry” (40 MSV)
  • how to buy diamond jewelry” (96 MSV)
  • how to buy moissanite jewelry” (8 MSV)
  • how to buy gemstone jewelry” (96 MSV)
  • how to buy pearl jewelry” (79 MSV)
  • how to buy emerald jewelry” (88 MSV)
  • how to buy ruby jewelry” (8 MSV)
  • benefits of wearing copper jewelry” (40 MSV)
  • one of a kind handmade jewelry” (24 MSV)
  • jewelry for a cause” (96 MSV)
  • jewelry for a new grandmother” (32 MSV)
  • jewelry for anxiety” (72 MSV)
  • jewelry to help anxiety” (80 MSV)
  • jewelry for Aquarius” (32 MSV)
  • jewelry for zodiac signs” (24 MSV)
  • handcrafted necklace” (32 MSV)

It’s important to know that there are many different keyword research tools out there, and most of them will give you completely different results.

So these tools are best used for estimations and to support your keyword strategy and phrase choices.

I’ll try to keep this list updated, but let me know in the comments if you’d like me to cover any other keyword niches or ideas!

How to Rank In Google: A Crash Course

This section will be an overview of the most important things to do for ranking an article in Google. I’ve included a link below if you’d like to dive deeper into these topics and how to do them.

But to keep things simple, this post will cover a simple, three-point blog ranking system that I use to rank articles.

1. Keyword Placement

Keyword placement is one of the most important aspects of SEO (besides the actually keyword research and the content itself). Luckily, there are pretty straightforward rules to this.

To optimize your blog post for search engine ranking, be sure to include the exact phrase in the following four places:

  • In your title
  • In the first paragraph of your blog article
  • In the URL permalink
  • In your meta description

Aside from these four main places, your keyword (and slight variations of it) will naturally show up in your blog as you write. It’s best to just write organically and not add in your key phrase too much, to the point that it’s unnatural.

This is called keyword stuffing and the Google algorithm will pick up on this and can penalize sites that do it. But it’s nothing to worry about – as long as you’re not being spammy and providing real, high-quality value and content.

2. Blog Length + Structure

Next up we have blog length and structure. So let’s start with how long blogs should be.

There is debate here. Technically, a blog just needs to be at least 300 words. But long posts perform better and are recommended to improve your chances of ranking.

HubSpot recommends blogs be between 2,100-2,400 words long. And research from Backlinko showed that the average blog length of first page results was about 1,500 words. So moral of the story? Write longer posts (at least 1,000+ words).

This makes sense too. If we consider that longer posts tend to have more information and go deeper into a subject. This may signal to the Google algorithm that the content is higher quality and provides more (and potentially better) information.

Next, we can blog structure. For this, there are three key things to consider:

  • Headlines
  • Readability
  • Visuals

For headlines, we can organize blog posts using headline tags. The main headline tag is an H1, which is your title. From here, you have H2 tags, which are your main sections, H3s for your main subsection under each H2 section…and so on.

I primarily only use H1, H2 and H3 headlines. After this, any smaller sectioning is done with normal bolded paragraph text.

But using headline tags appropriately can increase your ranking (as Google will understand your blog content and structure better) and also improve your article readability (making it more scannable, for a better use experience – another positive ranking factor).

Finally, you have your visuals. Good blogs should include pictures, infographics or even videos. This is also fairly simple (and free) to add to a blog. I usually use a combination of royalty-free stock photos, such as Pixabay, and Canva for more original designs (when I’m feeling particularly motivated).

3. Blogging Consistency

This last point is an important one. As nice as it would be to just write one or two blogs and start getting traffic, the reality is you need many more articles (and time) to start getting traffic.

While it technically is possible to rank your first few articles, blogging is a strategy that requires consistency and volume, which makes sense. After all, the more articles and keywords we have, the better our chances of ranking for at lease some of those keywords.

There’s no hard and fast rule here, but try to commit to a schedule you can keep up with – especially in the beginning. For me, I would write around 3 articles per week (when I was just starting and motivated).

Now I try to make new articles at least once a week (although sometimes I write more – and sometimes less…).

Just remember, the quicker you can create a decent amount of blogs, the quicker you’ll start generating traffic and results from your blogging efforts.


This post has provided a list of jewelry blog ideas. Sometimes the hardest part of creating something, is the initial inspiration. So it’s my hope that this short list is a springboard for even more ideas.

I’ve also included a collection of lower-competition keywords, which can also be adapted and used for creating blog posts.

Making a great blog that ranks in Google requires a few steps. The crash course on Google ranking in this article provided you with a simple, three-part strategy for optimizing a blog post for search engine ranking.

Together, the information in this blog should be everything you need to start creating great, rankable content.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Let me know in the comments: what is the biggest problem with blogging as a jewelry-making entrepreneur?


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