Well it’s no secret, but video is in. And if you’re not using video to promote your offers or engage with your audience, then you’re likely missing out on creating new leads with engaging content while increasing sales and revenue. So I’m excited to talk about how to create a video for Facebook ads.

Before jumping in, let’s talk a little more about why video is king when it comes to ad performance, engagement and conversions.

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Why Video?

According to Lister (2019), video ads convert at significantly higher rates, regardless if they’re used within landing pages, advertisements, on your website or embedded within emails. 

In addition, video content receives more engagement and a higher ROI overall.

And if this doesn’t excite you, as presented by Hollingsworth for Search Engine Journal (2018), our information retention for video is up to 400% more effective than images. 

Essentially, this means people are way more likely to remember your content if they watch it through a video.

Video content is an interactive and visual experience that is more likely to be shared and engaged with compared to images.

And such content engagement and social sharing can potentially lead to a viral video effect and residual organic reach beyond paid advertising efforts. 

Video & Digital Marketing Strategy

Did you know that you can create a high-converting, retargeting audience based on people who watched a certain percentage of a video ad?

For example, let’s say you send out an initial video using Facebook ads introducing your brand or offer. You can then create a custom audience inside your Facebook Business Manager for people that watched 50%, 75% or 95% of your video.

This is an extremely powerful thing since anybody that watches over 50% of a video ad is most likely someone that is inherently interested in the product, brand or offer.

By re-targeting these people (who essentially raised their hands and said “I’m interested in what you have to offer”), you’ll be way more likely to get conversions. 

You’ll be positioning yourself for success with Facebook ads.

Video: An Introduction

These are the strategies that the pros and multi-million dollar industries are using every day. So why not join the party?

Luckily, there are some amazing tools available to use that can provide anyone with professional quality, high-converting videos – all without any video editing, computer or technical know-how.

At the click of a few buttons, anyone can create a beautiful video ad for their business. But, only if they have the right tools and the right approach.

So let’s dive in and discuss the ways we can easily create beautiful, professional quality videos for your business, website and/or Facebook ads.

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Making Professional Videos Is Easy

Below I will provide you with my 4 favorite methods for getting professional quality videos for your business, website, product or offer.

So let’s get started with my first choice, Wave.Video.

1. Wave.Video (Free Option)

I’ve put this tool at the top of my list because it’s by far one of my favorite software to have come out in recent years. Its intuitive user interface, impressive collection of videos and user-friendly platform creates the perfect tool for beginners and video experts alike.

The best part? They’re completely free. Seriously, their homepage tagline is literally “Best Online Video Maker. Free Forever.

And a quick navigation around the website quickly confirms that this platform is no joke.

Have you ever wanted to add a high quality, professional video advertisement to your online marketing arsenal? But maybe you worried that you either a.) don’t have the technical experience or patience or b.) don’t want to spend $1,000’s just to have a video ad.

Well luckily, we don’t have to dish out thousands of dollars and we don’t need to have advanced technical skill. Wave.video’s software platform creates highly engaging, beautiful and professional video ads for any industry.

And again, it requires absolutely zero upfront costs and zero technical know-how, skill or video editing experience.

  • Imagine having exclusive access to powerful video ad templates and tools for creating and promoting your products.
  • Imagine being able to use these templates to create video ads of the same quality and caliber that multi-million dollar businesses with full marketing departments use in their campaigns.
  • Now imagine how these high-quality videos will impact your customer’s perception and trust of your brand, product/service quality and industry authority.

And although the service has a completely free plan (which is plenty to start), there are upgrade options allowing you to further customize your videos and add additional features (such as personal branding, extended length videos and download options).

And these upgrade options are very well priced.

The first “Creator” level upgrade is less than $10; and the pro version is just about $1 per day. Compared to other competitors on the market, this is an absolute steal and believe me, they do not skimp on the quality.

So if you’re interested in gaining a competitive edge and accessing high-end, professional quality videos for your brand, your business and/or your digital marketing efforts, then head over to wave.video and take it for a spin – after all, what do you have to lose?

Is using video growth hacking? Well yes, of course!

For starters, did you know that the Facebook algorithm favors video ads, meaning your video content will tend to perform better and be shown to more people. Furthermore, let’s remember that people tend to respond better to and engage more with video content.

So although videos in general are king these days, it’s also important to remember one last point. It’s that the quality of a video is also a huge factor in establishing credibility, trust and value as a brand.

So when you’re choosing your video strategy, it’s vital that you go with a platform that can deliver the best result.

I cannot stress this point enough. If you have high quality videos to showcase your brand, then you will be hyper competitive and build trust and credibility, which will ultimately lead to new customers.

But if your video quality is poor or sub-par, then your results, brand and ads will also suffer…

And that’s why I’m recommending wave.video with such fervor. I actually want you to succeed with the least amount spent and the least amount of friction.

So to sum up, if you’re looking for that competitive edge or an exciting way to differentiate yourself from your competition, then this is it. I cannot recommend this platform enough.

Now this next tool is a really interesting and fascinating new concept. It’s called Lumen5 and it’s a newer software that uses AI and machine learning to turn any blog post or written content into a video – wait, what?!

Let’s look at this software tool some more below!

2. Lumen5 (Free Option)

I first came across Lumen5 from an Instagram advertisement and I was immediately captivated. As a content creator, having the ability to turn any text into a video that summarizes my main points seemed like a tool that I couldn’t get started with fast enough.

Similar to Promo.com’s video library and modern design, Lumen5’s video library and intuitive text layering tool creates high quality, beautiful and sleek creations.

Their user interface is also very modern and easy to navigate. Admittedly, it’s just a fun tool to play around with and test how well the AI does at converting content into video.

Basically, you upload a URL link of your content and the platform fishes through it, finds relevant images and picks out pieces of text that summarize the article nicely. The platform then pieces this information together and presents everything in as a cool, video outline.

Of course this all sounds great (and it is really impressive), but this is where the first drawback comes into play. After uploading various content articles, I found that the AI does not choose the best sentences and content to display.

Also, the images that are used in the video slideshow are sometimes inadequate. This is totally fine though because the platform allows you to edit and swap out or change any text, image, length, order or information that you’d like.

So the only problem now is this video creation task suddenly becomes a more tedious job, requiring more time and energy to get a finished product.

Still, the platform has a free membership option (with limited features, but allows for up to 5 video creations per month), so it’s absolutely worth a test run!

But what if we want an option that even easier and quicker and does not require a third party platform? Well luckily my next suggestion is by far the easiest way to create a video for Facebook ads.

So let’s move on to my next choice: Facebook’s built-in video ad maker.

3. Facebook Ads Manager (Free)

Perhaps you’ve read my other posts on creating ads, but did you know that you can actually turn your images into video ads directly inside of your ads manager account?

It’s true and it’s a quite simple and straightforward process. Follow the images below for a quick visual guide!

First, inside the ad level of your chosen campaign, select an image for your creative.

Next, click on the button “Turn into Video”

Go through and choose the template you like best. You can also add more images here for your video using the “+” sign to the left.

Swap out the text, colors and make any other necessary changes by selecting each scene at the top.

(If you notice the katakana characters in my example, I apologize! I noticed this afterwards. This is Japanese and was from a website I made focusing on Japanese consumers!)

Finish set-up by choosing between square or vertical (*optimized for mobile and stories placements) and then selecting “Use Video”!

(Note, it may take a couple minutes before your video loads into your ad and is available for previewing).

So as you can see this method is arguably the quickest and simplest. Especially since you can stay on your Facebook Ads Manager and do everything all from one platform.

Although this is a simpler solution – and quite useful to quickly turn any image into a more engaging and interactive video ad – it does come with its limitations.

For example, the overall quality of the video ads inside Facebook are not really comparable to the modern aesthetic associated with a Promo.com video.

Also, these completed projects are limiting in their use since they can only be used for your Facebook ads. Promo.com on the other hand (or one of the other options mentioned) can be used across any of your platforms and recycled for multiple digital applications.

Still, if you’re ever in a jam and want to quickly turn one of your images into a video, this is a fantastic, free and simple way to start using video in your ads.

So what about the particularly industrious entrepreneurs and marketers out there? Well, there is another option I’d like to touch on – and it requires the most amount of patience, creativity, time and technical agility.

However, it can be a great way for you to acquire full creative control and to turn your ideas into potentially more unique creations.

4. The DIY Approach (Free)

OK, if the options above didn’t do it for you, or perhaps you’re the type of person that actually enjoys the process of editing a video and creating something from scratch, then let’s talk briefly about the last option available to us as marketers: The DIY method.

As the title insinuates, this method requires that you manufacture your own video – without the done-for-you templates, intuitive interfaces and quickness of the above-mentioned platforms.

This can be a great way to stretch your artistic muscles while learning new skills and increasing the creative control and scope of your videos. Not to mention the satisfaction associated of creating a fully edited video ad for your brand!

So if this is up your alley, then let me introduce a few ways to get started, which don’t require any expensive cameras, talents or equipment.

To do this (the simplest way), you’ll need 3 things:

  • A video (or series of images) to use
  • A video editing software program
  • Existing skill, interest or patience to deal with the learning curve for successful video editing

OK, so I mentioned you don’t need to use any expensive camera or equipment to create your videos (unless of course you have these assets or you prefer to create your own video to feature your business/brand!).

But in this article, I’ll be offering a strategy which allows you to download and edit professional quality videos, which can then be used (for free) for your own video ads.

So to find and download free videos (or images), I tend to use a website called Pixabay. It’s a fantastic resource library of over 1 million images and videos – all available for free commercial use with no attribution required (although donations are accepted as a thank you to the artists who upload the content).

After visiting the site, you can simply search for the keywords you’d like for your video and select and download any video you like.

You would then upload the video into a video editing software. For this stage, I use OpenShot video editor, which is an open source, free software available for anyone to download and use.

Once inside the software, you can upload your video, edit it how you’d like (with as many videos and/or images as needed) and then download to your computer before finally uploading into your Facebook ad (or wherever you’d like to use the video).

Again, this method requires learning and trial and error, so I will not spend time on how to edit videos for this approach, but if you’d like more information, you can check out this video for a beginning tutorial.

Video – It’s Just More Effective

I hope this article was helpful in your quest for finding high-quality, affordable videos for your Facebook ads. As discussed, adding a video component to your online advertisements and/or website(s) is a crucial strategy for effective modern marketing.

Luckily, we have at our disposal a variety of excellent tools and resources, which allow us to create more engaging and interactive content while increasing our marketing effectiveness, competitive edge and ROI over time.

Of course, there are other platforms and video tools out there, but I wanted to focus on only a few of y top picks. I believe long lists with too many options can cause more confusion than clarity.

As such, if you have any experience with or questions about other platforms or tools, leave a comment below and let me know! Thanks for reading!

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Shannon Pike · November 15, 2019 at 4:56 pm

This is an article that provides very clear information and stays relative to the subject. Images are used appropriately to demonstrate the actions you have to take which makes it easy to read. The content doesn’t go off topic and isn’t boring.

You have a very good site! It may even be a tool I need to use in the future of my WA adventures.

    Jeffrey Quinn · November 15, 2019 at 5:04 pm

    Hey thanks Shannon! I appreciate you taking the time to check out my article ~ and haha, I’m happy it’s not boring! Yes, please feel free to use the content and resources anytime and reach out if you ever have any questions 🙂

    Thanks again!

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