Did you know that, worldwide, there are over 2 billion registered users on the Facebook platform? That’s more than 25% of the world’s population – now that’s impressive as well as just plain astonishing. So is advertising with Facebook worth it?

Well, I think it’s safe to argue that, at the very least, Facebook is a relevant platform for any advertising or marketing objective. But to more fully comprehend how advertising with Facebook can totally transform your business, let’s further visualize the scope of the platform.

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The Internet Is A City – And Facebook is Main St.

Imagine having a storefront in central New York City. Think about the traffic and exposure and potential profits generated from such real estate. Well, the internet is exactly like a city – except it’s digital and has billions of residents that you can reach out to each and every day.

This would make Facebook one of the main streets in that city.

Everyday, this street would have over 2 billion people walking down it. Along the way, people would pass by their friends, families and acquaintances.

But as they’d move along, they’d also be shown a variety of relevant and engaging advertisements. And these advertisements would look totally different from one person to the next.

The ads would have countless variations with different messaging, offers, images, videos and targeting for different types of people.

Each ad would be specifically targeted and completely relevant to individual groups of people based on their interests, their internet (or “digital city”) browsing history, their purchasing behavior and/or their geographic location (among many other specifications).

This is the power of Facebook ads and herein lies the opportunity for businesses – whether you’re a small, local store or a mammoth global entity.

Facebook’s powerful and unyielding, hyper-relevant targeting allows the opportunity for businesses of all sizes and budgets to advertise to existing and potential customers with unprecedented precision and scope.

The Top 10 Reasons Advertising With Facebook Is Worth It

Let’s save your hard earned money and place your chips into something that’s truly effective for getting more leads, customers, sales and profit. Without further ado, below are my top 10 favorite ways that Facebook helps businesses grow and expand.

1.) Builds Trust & Authority

I’ve put this at the top spot because I think it’s often overlooked. But if I had to think of the most underrated reason for why advertising with Facebook is worth it, then I’d argue it’s because you’re going to look way more trustworthy, relevant and appealing to potential customers.

Think about it from the customer’s point of view. Having a high quality ad that’s being shared alongside and in the same space as other behemoth companies will immediately deposit invaluable credibility and professional rank into your business’ brand and identity.

Personally, if I see a company’s social media advertisement, I’m instantly confident that they’re a legitimate, secure, safe and trustworthy business. 

So what’s a better reason to get started with Facebook ads than to boost your credibility and trust? Well, luckily I’ve put a few more reasons below!

2.) You Can Get Granular

With Facebook ads, you can get as specific and niche as you want with your customer targeting. The Facebook ad platform allows for an incredibly precise degree of customer segmentation. 

This allows companies of all sizes to create hyper-relevant, individual and personalized ads with focused offers and messages.

You can target a customer who’s visited your product page with a specific ad while another customer that’s never visited your site before will be receiving a completely different advertisement. 

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3.) Analytics & Data

Understanding and using data in decision-making is a universal skill in business. Yet, one of the biggest issues with running traditional print ads or taking out an expensive billboard advertisement is that it’s impossible to track its progress reliably.

With Facebook ads, you can easily and quickly measure, track and analyze your ad’s data.

This allows you to make strategic and calculated decisions on how, when and where to pause under performing ads while scaling the more profitable ones. You can monitor your ads’ performance daily from your desktop or on the go using the Facebook Business Manager mobile app.

New to Facebook Ads? Get Started By Signing Up For A Facebook Business Manager Account (It’s Totally Free!)

4.) Re-targeting

Admittedly, this benefit is talked about A LOT. But for good reason! By properly using Facebook ads and installing the Facebook pixel onto your website, you can easily re-target customers and prospects with specific ads to entice them to come back and make a desired action or purchase.

The power of this tool cannot be understated and has proven itself time and time again to dramatically amplify a business’ sales and profit. 

So tracking your customers and re-targeting them with customized ads is one of the most profitable reasons why advertising with Facebook is worth it.

5.) Testing & Optimization

Similar to the ability to track and measure an ad’s performance, being able to quickly and affordably test different ad ideas, offers and audiences is an extremely advantageous tool to have at your disposal. 

One of the biggest business lessons I’ve learned through running Facebook ads is the true value of testing.

We can listen to our gut and speculate all day, but until you test the market and measure the data against other ad variants, you will never know which combination is optimal. So, the ability to run tests and to optimize winning ads allows for highly profitable scaling and strategic success with online advertising.

Testing different audiences quickly and efficiently allows any business to try out new ideas, products and target customers while also finding valuable new channels to promote – all without blowing the budget out of the water!

6.) The Sky’s the Limit

Going off the last benefit, the ability to test multiple ad variants means one thing: Multiple Ads = Multiple Opportunities. With Facebook ads, we are able to create multiple campaigns, each with different offers, all targeting different types of consumers with unique messaging.

Having this ability to create and test multiple campaigns at once allows businesses to quickly and effectively grow online by finding new potential customers reliably. 

However, we can also expand this strategy indefinitely and find new and exciting opportunities previously unavailable.

7.) Audience Insights

One of the great tools within the Facebook Business Manager (which is where we create ads) is the audience insights tools. This tool is accessed inside your Business Manager, in the upper left of the drop-down menu.

This resource allows us to plug in data and/or interests that we already know about our target customers (for example, they like snowboarding/skiing, or they live in LA and like expensive cars) and then Facebook will generate more information that these types of people typically have.

This allows us to create even more specific and relevant ads. Some valuable audience insights may include common jobs, popular pages and/or people they follow, types of education they generally have, etc.

There are other tools to research into your target demographic, but using the built-in features with Facebook ads is a fantastic starting place and something to use as you continue to develop your ad skills and hone in on your target market more precisely.

8.) Control – Be in the Driver’s Seat

It may seem easier to simply hand over control to an agency or freelancer. And if that’s the case, of course that’s totally fine. However, having the ability to maintain control over your advertising strategy can not only save you money but allows you to dictate exactly how your business presents itself and how it moves forward and expands.

So to solidify this point, you should know that learning Facebook ads does not need to be difficult or intimidating. 

And you don’t need to hire an agency or buy a generic and generally placed ad spot for $1,000’s – both of which leave you with little to no control over how you advertise your business.

Using the tools on this site, I’m confident you’ll be able to master Facebook ads and maintain control over your business and your customer acquisition efforts.

9.) Engagement

At the core of Facebook advertising and social media marketing is one key (and obvious) concept: the social aspect.

Traditionally, advertising was a one-sided transaction. The marketer or company would put out an ad and the customer would receive it and digest the information. A very one-sided exchange.

Nowadays, customers can (and do) interact with, participate in and share advertising efforts. The communication with Facebook advertising is an equally distributed, two-sided arrangement that allows customers to engage directly with your business and/or service.

This allows customers to create long-lasting relationships with brands while securing a deeper, more meaningful connection with a business.

Do you want capture your customers’ attention in more meaningful ways? Then send them an engaging Facebook ad that not only solves a problem of theirs, but also offers something that they can relate to on a human level – personal connection.

With Facebook ads, we can reach customers in new & exciting ways. But through Facebook ads, we can engage with them in even more meaningful ways.

10.) Save Money

And finally, the elephant in the room: price. Luckily, if done correctly, Facebook ads do not have to be an expensive endeavor. 

Getting a positive ROI on your ads is a matter of following the correct steps while continually testing, researching and implementing unique, irresistible offers to your customers.

You can start testing new campaigns, new target customers and new ad variations for as low as $5/day. Although a higher budget is required to fully optimize, when starting with a new campaign or ad, we can do all the things mentioned in this article for the price of a grande cafe latte – exciting times we’re living in!

This absolutely saves you and your business money since you can target only the most relevant customers. 

Furthermore, there’s no need to dish out thousands of dollars for billboards or ineffective, expensive or unreliable print ads that give you zero control for testing, scaling and performance analysis.

Bonus Benefits With Facebook Ads

I’ve presented you with what I believe to be the core reasons for why running Facebook advertisements is worth it.

However, there are numerous advantages; the rewards for adapting a cohesive social media marketing strategy are plentiful.

Here are a few more that I’ve noticed throughout my work:

  • You’re essentially buying guaranteed and relevant traffic to your website
  • You can rise above the noise while beating out your competitors
  • Once you find a winning ad/ad set, you can continue to scale, optimize and build out related campaigns in a variety of ways
  • It gets easier, quicker and smoother the more you do it
  • You can easily and quickly test new markets, products and offers
  • There are numerous (and an ever-expanding) suite of services, software products, templates, ad examples and tools to enhance your Facebook advertising efficacy and performance

So, Is Advertising With Facebook Worth It?


Never again are advertising dollars wasted by taking out expensive print or billboard ads that only appeal to general audiences, only to hope a relevant percentage of hopeful customers see the ad and actually decide to take action.

And what’s more, this type of advertising can be done for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods while also allowing you, the business owner, to maintain complete control over your ads and their performance.

This article provided the top 10 ways that I’ve found Facebook ads can completely transform and explode your business this year.

If you believe advertising with Facebook is worth it and you’re ready to get started, then I recommend you save this page into your favorites.

Throughout this site, you’ll find free tutorials, tips, strategies and guides for how to effectively use Facebook ads and relevant products to grow your business.

So I invite you to explore these pages fully and check back often, as the site will be meticulously updated, delivering the most relevant and useful content to my readers.

Leave a comment below and let me know what other benefits you’ve had with Facebook ads!

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Andrey · November 10, 2019 at 6:36 pm

Dear Jeffrey
Thank you very much for your fantastic website that shows the cheapest and most effective approach to start up your own business which can grow gradually.
Kind regards,

    Jeffrey Quinn · November 11, 2019 at 3:21 am

    Thanks for stopping by Andrey! I’m glad to hear you found value in the post 🙂

    Facebook ads (or other forms of paid traffic) are instrumental for growth, and they can compliment other strategies (such as SEO) quite well – if the business is ready to start using paid traffic that is.

    It can be a frustrating process for some, so it’s important to have a decent ad spend budget, test many variants/audiences/creatives and give the campaigns time to run effectively ~ then you must optimize and scale strategically. If you ever decide to tackle Facebook ads, just remember who your audience is and craft an irresistible offer around their pain points ~ happy campaigning!

Joonas · November 11, 2019 at 6:18 am

Hi Jeffrey,

I have not tried Facebook advertising yet, but after reading this I am convinced that I should try it. Thanks for providing very thorough information related to the advantages that it can bring to a business.

Would you recommend Facebook advertising only for businesses that are selling something, or is it also a good way to get traffic to your blog?


    Jeffrey Quinn · November 11, 2019 at 6:31 am

    Hey Joonas!

    Thank you for the comment and for reading, I’m happy you could find value in it! Regarding your question, anyone can benefit from using FB ads. The upside of driving traffic to a blog (which is free for the prospect) is there is little friction and it’s pure value. It can be a nice way to start a relationship and solve problem for a subset of your target market.

    Also, your blog post can essentially act as a lead magnet type of offer (although these traditionally have email opt-ins attached). But still, having a blog means you have some value to offer people, which is an essential element for using Facebook ads.

    I would choose a topic/article that focuses on solving some problem or pain point or answers some nagging question for your target market. Then you can build that specific audience in Facebook and drive that traffic to your post. Also, if you’re serious about using Facebook in your marketing strategy, you’ll definitely want to install the Facebook pixel so you can re-target website visitors with followup ads later, further strengthening the relationship, and eventually making a sale.

    Also, if on your actual site you have email opt-ins and enticing call to actions, this would be a secondary opportunity from the Facebook ad traffic.

    SEO is an important part of a blog’s long-term success, but if you want some quick traffic and you have a bit of a budget, then Facebook is definitely worth a try.

    Just keep in mind (and this is true for any other businesses using Facebook ads), that you’re not trying to sell, you’re trying to start a relationship and offer value, which will result in sales down the road as you build rapport. (<--- perhaps you know this already though!) Best of luck! Jeff

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