We have some amazing resources at our disposal these days. Online software and business management tools make our lives easier, so we can focus more of our attention what we love – our craft. But it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start. So I’ve put together this helpful and modern list of my favorite tools for solopreneurs and creatives to have.

Naturally, the tools that you deem helpful will depend on many things, such as your personal goals, niche or budget.

Still, by using even just a few of these resources, you’ll be optimizing your creative entrepreneurial efforts all while freeing up more time and flexibility in your business.

Finally, remember that many of these tools will be automating portions of your business and the digital marketing process. 

I don’t need to tell you the value of automation in a business, but investing in this asset will save invaluable time and resources.

So this post is quite long, but I’ve broken it down into section for easy reading skimming.

  1. Video & Image Software 
  2. Market & Audience Research Software 
  3. Lead Generation Software 
  4. CRM & Business Automation Software 
  5. Website & Landing Page Software 
  6. Email Automation Software 
  7. Retargeting & Followup Software 
  8. Data Tracking & Performance Analysis Software 
  9. Interactive & Engaging Content Software 
  10. Bonus: Automatically Convert Facebook Posts Into Ads

I’ve included both free and premium options for each group listed in this post. 

I’m confident that, after reading, you’ll be armed with the right tools and steps to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level.

So let’s dive in with my personal favorite tool (because well, it’s just fun): Video & Image Software.

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1. Video & Image Software

The importance of having high-quality, professional images and video cannot be understated. The success of your campaigns can hang on this aspect.

Often, the very first thing your prospects will see for your particular ad or offer is the image and video. This is your first impression and a chance to make lasting one.

Luckily, it’s easier than ever to quickly put together a professional level video ad or to upload a beautiful, captivating image into your campaign. 

And the best part is you can do this with absolutely no design, video editing or technical experience.

Easily Create Professional Video Ads

Image Source: https://wave.video

If you’re looking to start adding beautiful, professional quality videos to your marketing, then look no further than Wave.video. 

It’s a powerful video software that lets users create high-quality video ads using free clips and a simple editing platform. Let’s check out some of its key features:

  • Expansive Tutorials & Courses for Training
  • Video Marketing
    • Intuitive online video editor
    • Animated text videos & Videos for bloggers
    • Intro video maker
  • Social Media Applications
    • Make Facebook cover videos
    • Make branded Instagram stories
    • Make professional social media videos
  • Great for Businesses
    • Huge library and simple editing for professional video ads
    • Great for multiple industries, including read estate, local businesses and E-Commerce
  • Completely Free
    • There are of course upgrade options and premium features if needed

I definitely recommend you head over to Wave.video today and sign up for a free account. 

Isn’t it time to transform your marketing campaigns, rise above your competition and start building credibility and authority by using powerful, professional video ads?

Create Videos, Animations, Logos, Websites & Landing Pages

Image Source: www.renderforest.com

Renderforest is an awesome software that gives users complete creative freedom and control. Members can create professional videos, custom animation style video, free logos, websites and landing pages.

This software is definitely worth checking out and is backed by some of the top names in the digital marketing and software industy (including Forbes, Entrepreneur and Lifehacker). 

It was also named among the top 100 software companies for 2019 by G2. Let’s take a look at some key features:

  • Use Cloud-Based Software to Create Professional Videos
    • Travel videos
    • Wedding and event videos
    • Promotional content
    • Music videos
    • YouTube and Instagram Stories
    • Explanatory & Educational Content
    • High-converting animation style videos
    • Corporate presentations
    • Much more…
  • Create Custom Logos
    • This is a free service that uses machine learning to analyze your content and help you create a custom business logo in minute
  • Create A Professional Websites & Landing Pages In Minutes
  • Many Positive Reviews & Social Proof Backing Its Claims & Value

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Turn Any Written Content Into Professional Videos

Image Source: https://lumen5.com

Lumen5, similar to Wave.video, is a free service that provides professional quality videos and a simple editing and creation interface. This software is particularly unique and especially useful for bloggers or businesses that have existing written content.

The software uses AI to analyze any uploaded written content creates a beautiful video summarizing the article’s content using professional stock video clips and animated text highlighting the main points. Here are the key features:

  • A Library of Professional Quality Video Clips & Stills
  • Seamlessly Add Background Music to Any Video
  • Great for Creating Engaging Social Posts, Stories & Ads
  • Easily Converty Any Content/URL Link Into A Finished Video
  • Simple Editing & Customization Interface
  • Personal Branding Options
  • You Can Sign Up Completely For Free
    • 5 videos per month, 3,000+ music tracks, popular themes and access to the media library

So if you’re a blogger or have written content you’d like to quickly and easily convert into video, then Lumen5 is definitely worth checking out. Although the software has a variety of pricing plans, their free forever option provides an enticing opportunity to get started at no risk or cost.

Awesome Photo & Video Editing App

Image Source: https://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop-express.html

I suppose Adobe needs no introduction, but they’re a leading software company in video, image and music editing software. 

It only seems appropriate to include the platform in this post. Despite their reach, their Photoshop Express app is perhaps a lesser known tools they offer. 

It’s a rather simple and straightforward tool, but let’s take a look at its features:

  • One-Touch Image Transformations
    • Quickly clean up blemishes, adjust perspectives and many more editing features
  • Auto-Fix Image Contrast & Exposure
  • Use Interesting Effects & Make Unique Collages
  • Use Stickers & Text to Personalize Photos
  • Use the Power of the Photoshop Editor to Touch Up, Edit & Create Unique Projects
  • Integrates Smoothly With Full Photoshop Editor for Advanced Editing Options
  • In-App Tutorials & Resources for Inspiration, Discovery & Social Sharing
  • Totally Free

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There are a variety of photo editing tools, apps and software out there. But Adobe has the credibility, authority and infrastructure that you can trust and rely on. 

And if you don’t have any existing pictures, you can try a free website like Pixabay to download unlimited free stock photos!

Amazing, Free Design & Social Post Creator + Editor

Image Source: www.canva.com

Canva is a super popular design tool with a variety of social media and marketing applications. Essentially, it’s a free platform that lets you upload, edit and download unlimited images, animated text and designs.

The interface is extremely intuitive and requires absolutely no technical experience or know-how. 

There are also a selection of templates and designs to choose from so you can quickly create posters, social posts, banner, ad images and even logos. 

Let’s look at the features:

  • Completely Done-for-You Templates
  • Easily Customize & Drag-and-Drop Elements
  • Upload & Customize From A Library of Free Proffesional Quality Images
  • Make Fliers, Email Headers, YouTube Channel Art & Thumbnails
  • Create Facebook Posts, Cover Photos, Blog Banners & Instagram Posts
  • Create Animated Social Media Posts
  • Create Twitter & Pinterest-Optimized Images & Posts
  • Make Cards, Letterheads & Magazine Covers
  • Use Templates for Professional Documents & Resumes
  • Make Book Covers, Menus, Business Cards & Gift Certificates
  • And Many More Social Applications…

Honestly, Canva has too many options to list. 

But I’m confident that whatever your digital needs and marketing objectives are, Canva has a solution and design template for you to use. 

And although there are premium upgrade options, the platform is totally free to use!

2. Market & Audience Research

This is a big one. Understanding, researching and testing to find your top-performing audiences is essential. 

It’s simple to get out of touch with exactly who your customers are, what they want and why they buy from you. 

So revisiting this topic for insight is instrumental for campaign building optimization and running profitable ads.

There’s a good chance you already have your target market dialed in. Or perhaps you have a large email list or good website data to analyze and retarget. 

Regardless, researching new target audiences and adapting your digital marketing strategies will be an ongoing effort. 

Let’s look at some top choices for market and audience research software.

Research Tool To Find Hidden Audiences

Image Source: https://connectio.io/connectexplore

ConnectExplore is part of the Connect.io platform, which specializes in tools for improving and automating Facebook ads. 

You will find this software recommended more throughout this post because of its impressive and useful resources.

Basically, the ConnectExplore platform is an audience research tool that gives businesses and marketers expansive data on unique targeting keywords and interests which not provided by Facebook. 

This can drastically improve your targeting and ad performance. Let’s look at some more specific features:

  • ConnectExplore Uses the Facebook Ad Manager API
    • This allows for 100% accurate keyword & interest data mining
    • Other targeting tools only have access to Facebook’s regular API, which doesn’t include user interests
  • Target by Foreign Languages
    • This lets you find and target hidden markets
  • Find Untapped Interests That Other Tools Cannot Access
    • Find hyper-targeted interests that most other advertisers are not finding or bidding for
    • Boost your ROI with untapped audience targeting
    • Gain a huge advantage over your competition
  • Seamlessly Integrates With Your Facebook Business Manager Account
    • Add your researched interests with one simple click
    • The software only finds interests that you can actually add into your Facebook ad campaigns
  • Simple Interest Layering Function
    • Add interests on top of each other for a higher degree of targeting and ad relevance
    • This let’s you find the most passionate prospects that are more likely to convert
  • Track & Measure Results All in One Place

If you’re looking for a way to find untapped, under-targeted audiences, then ConnectExplore could be your best friend. It’s a fantastic tool for all marketers, businesses and website owners.

The software comes with a totally risk-free 30-day money back guarantee. 

So why not test out these hidden audiences and see what the tool can do for your ROI and campaign performance?

Research Potential Hidden Audiences

Image Source: enginescout.com.au/facebook-interest-targeting-tool

Similar to ConnectExplore, EngineScoutt’s Facebook Ad Interest Hunter is a research tool for identifying unique interests that your target audiences may have (beyond the limiting suggestions feature within your Facebook Ads Manager).

Although this tools isn’t as comprehensive and accurate as ConnectExplore, it can be a highly useful resources for inspiration, research and creating new target audiences. 

Here are some key features:

  • Find Unique Facebook Audience Interests That Others Aren’t Targeting
  • Great for Research & Inspiration of New Targeting & Audience Ideas
  • Completely Free to Use

EngineScout is completely free to use and requires no sign up to start researching untapped interests. 

Although it’s not as expansive and accurate as ConnectExplore, it can be a great place to find inspiration and quickly improve your audience targeting.

Competitor, Market & Ad Research & Analysis Tool

Image Source: www.semrush.com

SEMrush is a trusted and leading name in the marketing software vertical. The platform provides a full suite of useful and impressive tools to enhance your ad performance and competition insight.

From analytics to research, SEMrush is a one-stop shop for marketers looking to better understand their market, their competition and their opportunity to make better performing campaigns.

To be honest, SEMrush has almost too many features to list, but let’s check out some of its key benefits:

  • Analytics & Competitor Strategy Research & Insight
    • See your competitors top performing organic keywords
    • Analyze and research advertising specs of industry leaders and your competitors
    • Keyword research tool for effective SEO (organic traffic) and PPC (paid traffic) campaigns
    • Traffic and market data and analytics
  • Powerful Tools to Organize & Visualize & Understand Your Research
    • Find and easily see keyword difficulty to find low competition search terms
    • Visualize side-by-side domain ranking
    • Use charts, report and maps to visualize, contextualize and analyze data for improving marketing decisions
    • SEO writing assistant to optimize and improve your written content
  • Create, Schedule & Monitor Social Posts & Ads All in One Place
    • Track your ranking and position for any keyword
    • Get site audits to track and analyze your site health
    • Track and schedule your social media posts
    • Build social media ads right inside your dashboard

SEMrush is a powerful marketing software and offers a selection of handy tools for marketers and business owners. 

Although the Pro Plan starts at $99/month (if billed monthly), you can sign up and try to software completely for free to see if it’s a good fit and if it can help improve your business and marketing efforts.

Click the button now to try out the software completely for free!

3. Lead Generation Software

If you’re doing comprehensive market and audience research, then generating leads and capturing their attention (and potentially their contact information) may be your next step.

Generating new leads is the backbone to any good business. And digital marketing has made this process more automated and optimized than ever before.

One-Click Lead Captures All Inside Facebook

Image Souce: connectio.io/connectleads

Simply put, ConnectLeads will optimize your Facebook lead generation campaigns. 

With this software, you’ll easily be able to capture new leads and seamlessly integrate them into your email autoresponder or CRM. 

And they don’t even need to put in their email address, all your prospects need to do is select subscribe and they’ll automatically be added to your list.

Removing barriers (like inputting an email) can drastically improve your lead generation results and this cloud-based software platform can save you countless hours integrating leads and creating opt-in forms. 

Let’s look at its features:

  • Automatically Build Your Email List Directly Inside Facebook
  • Prospects Can Subscribe to Your Offer Directly in Facebook
  • Leverage Facebook’s Lead Ad features While Optimizing Your Mobile Lead Gen Efforts
    • Research shows that while mobile users are less likely to put in their email, they’re more likely click subscribe, increasing your ROI
    • ConnectLeads let’s you grow your subscriber list by connecting your customer management platforms and removing opt-in barriers for your prospects
  • Optimize Your Mobile Marketing Lead Generation Efforts
    • No forms to fill out
    • Everything is automatically connected, making the process smooth and obstacle-free
  • A Simple 2-Step Lead Generation Process (for users)
    • First, they click on your post/offer
    • Then they click a button to confirm their subscription to receive your offer
    • Their email and contact information is then automatically added to your account

ConnectLeads is one platform from a suite of useful Facebook marketing tools offered by Connect.io. The software company is run by Facebook marketing guru and entrepreneur, Wilco de Kreij.

Jumping ahead of the curve and optimizing your lead generation efforts for mobile traffic while cutting out unnecessary barriers for prospects can boost your marketing efforts and give you a strong competitive advantage. 

Click the button below to learn more and sign up for a completely free 7-day trial ($47/month after the free trial)!

Lead Generation & Marketing Optimization Tool

Image Source: www.marketermagic.com

MarketerMagic is a newer marketing software tool brought to us by online money-making whiz, Mr. Kevin David. 

He has a strong following and has created a variety of online businesses and digital courses and now, a software company for marketing and lead generation.

The software’s tools are actually really exciting, unique and extremely useful for improving and optimizing your marketing efforts.

Especially for lead generation and marketing optimization. 

Let’s take a deeper look into this software’s features:

  • Click Proof
    • Create credibility and social proof with the click proof app that shows live visitor counts and recent activity on your website/landing page
    • This can create a FOMO and Urgency effect for prospects to convert
  • Email Verifier
    • Weed out fake emails with this simple plugin that automatically verifies email subscribers before they’re able to opt-in to your offers
  • Many Leads
    • Automate and enhance your lead generation efforts by automatically generating and contacting industry specific emails of qualified prospects
  • Mini Me
    • Create cutting edge retargeting links that let you retarget and followup with prospects who clicked on your links
    • Essentially, it’s the Facebook pixel and all its tracking potential, but inside of a shareable link
  • Many Other Cutting Edge Marketing Tools…
  • Comes With a Free 7 Day Trial

Since MarketerMagic comes with a totally free 7-day trial period to test out its tools, I recommend you check out this software. It’s a newer company but it’s a unique package that has already created a lot of value for a lot of marketers.

After the free trial, packages start at only $37/month. 

This makes MarketerMagic a competitively priced marketing resource for businesses, website owners, marketers and online entrepreneurs.

4. CRM & Business Automation Software

Having a good customer relationship management (CRM) software will help you grow, understand, customize and automate your customer interactions. 

This is especially critical for expanding businesses and companies that have a variety of services, products, customer archetypes and teams.

So let’s explore some software options to optimize and automate your customer management.

Industry Leading Business, Marketing & CRM Software

Image Source: www.hubspot.com

HubSpot offers an impressive business automation tool and is particularly popular for its wide range of marketing and sales tools, including its powerful CRM.

You may notice that HubSpot is mentioned again later in this article (for its email marketing software), so this is a great choice if you’d like to consolidate your business automation and marketing software tools all into one place. 

Let’s check out some of its features:

  • Easily Organize, Nurture & Manage Customer Relationships
  • Email & Prospect Tracking
  • Full Sales Pipeline Management & Tracking
  • Live Chat & Chatbot Builder
  • Live Notifications for Email Open Events
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Email Autoresponder With Templates, Segmenting & Automated Scheduling
  • Data Tracking & Analytics
  • Team Collaboration Features
    • Easily work as a team with multiple users per accounts and within a conversation inbox
  • Form Building (Pop-Ups & Embedded)
  • Completely Free to Join

HubSpot offers a full suite of tools and resources for marketing and automation and you can easily get started with its CRM by signing up for a completely free account below.

All-in-One Business, Sales & Marketing Automation & CRM Tool

Image Source: www.ontraport.com

Similar to HubSpot, Ontraport also offer a full suite of business automation and marketing resources. 

The software is an industry leader and its CRM platform is an extremely powerful addition to any marketing protocol.

Additional benefits from using Ontraport relate to the software’s robust sales, marketing and business automation tools. 

Let’s have a look under the hood at some of its core features:

  • All-in-One Business, Sales & Marketing Automation
  • Simple Email Marketing With Advanced Features
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Data Tracking & Marketing Analytics
  • Referral Program Capabilities
    • Create referral programs that incentivize referrers to generate leads and sales for you
  • Full CRM Platform
  • Membership Site Builder
  • Sales Force Automation
  • E-Commerce Tools
    • Upsells, payment gateways and product management to name a few

Ontraport is a powerful solution and perfect for sales teams and expanding businesses. If you’d like to check out the software, then follow the link below to grab a free 14-day trial! 

Basic plans start at only $79/month.

5. Website & Landing Page Software

Maybe this seems a bit too obvious, but having an online presence and some digital real estate to send your traffic to is a crucial element for your digital marketing campaigns. 

A website is great for your business as a whole but landing pages are highly effective for creating specific sales pages for your audience and offers.

Investing in a good website and landing page builder is a high-return asset that will give you marketing flexibility and a high degree of customization opportunities.

Complete, High-Converting Sales Funnel Builder

Image Source: www.clickfunnels.com

ClickFunnels is an extremely powerful, intuitive platform with a keen focus on conversion optimization. 

The software provides users with tools and resources to build out and optimize a full marketing sales funnel. It has plenty of templates, split-testing features and landing pages to choose from.

Each template is easily customized using the simple drag-and-drop editor (no technical or design skills necessary). 

Let’s explore it’s features:

  • Free, Done-for-You High-Converting Templates
  • Complete Sales Funnel Building Software
  • Built-In Email Autoresponder
    • Although it’s not as powerful as the solutions discussed below
  • Extremely Simple & Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Editor for Easy Customization
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Share Funnels
    • This let’s any user share a one of their completed, premium funnel templates with any other user (often for free)
  • Funnel Builder Tool
    • A step-by-step guide for creating a sales funnel based on your industry, offer and objectives
  • Highly Engaged Community & Numerous Training Resources
  • Automatically Part of the Unique Affiliate Program
    • You can win a free car (while also enjoying 40% monthly recurring commissions) by referring just 100 people
  • Multpile Landing Page Designs Fully Optimized for Any Objective
    • Simple, high-converting 2-step lead generation landing pages
    • Webinar funnels
    • E-Commerce funnels (with payment gateways, one-click up-sells and one-time offers
    • Long-form sales pages
    • Video sales pages
    • And many more…
  • A 14-Day Free Trial

If you decide to go with ClickFunnels, you’ll be joining a highly engaged community of expert marketers and business owners who are ready and eager to help at a moment’s notice. 

The software comes with a 14-day free trial, so there’s absolutely no risk to joining and testing out the platform to see if it’s a good fit for your marketing objectives.

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Landing Page Builder & Facebook/Instagram Ad Builder

Image Source: www.leadpages.net

ClickFunnels is a great choice that provides users with the full sales funnel software and many unique features. 

However, it can be a bit expensive, starting at $97/month. 

So if you’re in the market for a simpler, cheaper landing page software (that’s also extremely powerful and flexible), then Leadpages has got you covered. 

Let’s check out the features:

  • Create Facebook & Instagram Ads Directly Inside Your Dashboard
  • Simple Drag-and-Drop Landing Page Builder
    • Mobile and SEO optimized
    • Create drop-down menus
  • Industry Standard Conversion Tools
    • Email triggers and followup sequences
    • Real-time data tracking and analytics
    • A/B split testing and pop-up forms
    • Third party integration
  • Beautiful Done-for-You Templates
    • Fully customizable
  • Expert Training Material and Support
  • Free Web Hosting
  • Free 14-Day Trial

Leadpages is especially unique for its Facebook and Instagram ad builder. 

But the platform also excels at creating fully customized designs with all the bells and whistles of any leading landing page software. 

And the best part is, after a 14-day free trial, you can walk away with this tool for only $37/month (*billed monthly; the price is cheaper if billed annually).

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Market Leader in Website Building & Hosting

Image Source: wordpress.com

I’d be remiss not to mention WordPress in a website-related list. 

As reported by Barron, 2019 (Source), around 34% of all active websites on the internet (including this one you’re on now) are powered by WordPress. 

If this staggering statistic doesn’t impress you, it should at least support the conclusion that this platform is a trusted, high-performing tool for any business to use.

So if you are running a business or if you’re marketing a particular product, service or offer of any kind, then you’re going to want to eventually get a website. 

There’s just no way around that. Luckily, it’s easier (and more affordable) than ever to get started. 

Let’s look at some main features for WordPress:

  • A Gold Standard for Website Hosting
  • Simple to Learn User Interface
  • Flexible Platform
    • Great for businesses, blogs, portfolios, government websites, etc.
    • Any industry or sector is supported
  • Great Publishing Tools
    • Create drafts, schedule posts and update revisions all within the same dashboard
  • Simple User Management
    • Allows for multiple users and roles under one account
  • SEO Optimized
  • Numerous Plugins Available for Download
    • I recommend getting Elementor, which is a simple and free drag-and-drop site builder plugin
    • It’s great for customization
  • Multiple Languages & Strong Community
  • Many more features….

Anyone can sign up for and create a WordPress website completely for free. 

However, this option will have limitations (such as no custom domain, site customization limitations, plugin features, etc.). 

Therefore, after you check out the platform for free, it’s heavily recommended that you upgrade and buy your own domain and customized site that you actually own.

6. Email Automation Software

This is a huge topic. Implementing an effective lead generation campaign and email follow-up is the backbone to any successful marketing strategy. 

Furthermore, email continues to offer some highest conversion rates for businesses, despite clever digital advertising gymnastics and advanced retargeting techniques.

It can be one of the best methods for strengthening existing customer relationships while also following up with prospects by using a personal, customized email. 

Ultimately, this strategy builds trust and awareness and guides your audience further along in the customer buying process – all for free.

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Free Email Autoresponder + Full CRM & Marketing Software

Image Source: www.hubspot.com

I’ve already introduced HubSpot above for its CRM and business automation software. 

So let’s talk a little more about its email autoresponder for marketers, website owners, entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Besides the bonus tools you get with your membership, one of the big differentiating factors for HubSpot is its competitive starting price. 

Let’s look at some features:

  • Up to 2,000 Email Sends Per Month Under the Free Account
  • List Segmentation
    • Essential for customized email and followup sequences
  • Optimized & Personalized Emails Based on User Profiles, Inboxes & Devices
  • A Simple Drag-and-Drop Email Builder
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Data Tracking & Analytics
  • A Huge Library of Free Templates to Choose From
  • Set Up Shared Inbox & Chatbot
    • Great for team collaboration joint customer management
  • Add Forms (Both Pop-Ups & Embedded) That Connect Directly to Your Email
  • Full Access to the CRM Platform for Customer Management
  • Completely Free to Join

Although many of the more advanced business automation features – such as landing pages, ad retargeting and marketing automation tools – require an upgraded plan, you can still get started with the basic email marketing (and CRM) software for free. 

Plus, the premium plans start at only $50/month. 

If this at all behooves you, then definitely get started for free today!

Powerful Email Autoresponder + Landing Page Builder

Image Source: www.getresponse.com

GetResponse is another big name in the email autoresponder industry and offers an impressive suite of marketing tools. 

As a member of this software, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of a landing page builder, which easily connects with your email lists and lead generation efforts. 

Let’s look at some key highlights with the software:

  • User-Friendly Email Marketing With Professional, Done-for-You Templates to Choose From
  • Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Email Builder With Easy Customization Tools
    • No need for any designers or technical know how
  • List Segmenting & Timed Delivery Optimization Tools
  • Access to a Landing Page Builder
  • Simple Third-Party Integrations
  • Easily Create Automated Email Campaigns, Sales Funnels & Even Webinars
  • 30-Day Free Trial

Although HubSpot offers a free email autoresponder and CRM, GetResponse can be more user-friendly and focused. 

So opting for an email-specific tool such as GetResponse may suit your specific marketing needs better. 

If you’re curious to try out the software, plans start at just $15/month and come with a 30-day free trial.

Free & Simple Email Builder + Great Team Collaboration Tool

Image Source: www.mailjet.com

I’ve added Mailjet for it’s sleek, modern design, its free plan option and its awesome functionality for team collaboration. 

This software is also a great option you are or if you work with developers. It has a simple email builder and is fully optimized for agencies. 

Let’s explore these features some more:

  • A Simple Drag-and-Drop Email Builder
  • An Impressive, Real-Time Team Collaboration Toolkit
  • Dynamic Content & Advanced Personalization Capabilities
  • Advanced, Real-Time Data Reporting & TrackingSeamless Third-Party Integrations
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Transactional Email Solutions
    • Specific emails are sent based on certain actions, such as password resets or other account related notifications
  • Free Account Option

Mailjet is a fantastic choice and you won’t be disappointed. 

Whether its the team collaboration infrastructure or the free account option, this platform is a great email automation solution. 

Although the free account does have some limitations, it comes with all the essential you would need to capture leads, segment followup sequences and build out a profitable email marketing campaign.

7. Retargeting & Followup Software

Although adopting an effective email follow-up is essential for any business, there are other (highly effective) ways to re-target your prospects and customers. 

Retargeting and following up with your prospects, customers, website visitors and people who have engaged with your campaigns or brand is essential for optimizing your marketing efforts.

Automated Customer Retargeting & Segmenting Ad Tool

Image Source: connectio.io/connectretarget

Connecting with previous visitors and people who’ve engaged with your brand is essential. And ConnectRetarget offers a powerful solution to automate and simplify the whole process. 

The software automatically segments your website visitors based on their unique engagement, time spent and specific actions taken while on your page.

Retargeting is already an extremely powerful (and essential) tool for any business or marketer. But this software dramatically improves your retargeting campaign performance and ROI. 

Let’s look at some key features:

  • Automates Your Retargeting Campaigns & Boosts ROI
    • Saves time and headaches 
    • Uses advanced behavior-based retargeting to reach only the most engaged prospects to get the highest returns
    • Run profitable retargeting ads with no experience or technical know-how required 
  • User-Friendly Platform
    • Even Facebook Ads Beginners Can Set Up Profitable Campaigns in Minutes
  • Integrates With Any Platform
    • WordPress, ClickFunnels, Shopify, etc.
  • 100% Facebook Ad Compliant so There’s Zero Risk
  • Impressive Case Studies
    • Many marketers and businesses experience dramatic improvement in sales and ROI
  • Integrates With & Uses Multiple Sources for Laser Focused Retargeting Ads
    • To name a few, the platform works with Google Analytics and time/dates spent on your site
  • Uses Behavioral Analysis to Easily Create Ads That Connect With Only Engaged Visitors
    • Don’t waste ad spend on retargeting people that accidentally visit your site or that have no real interest in converting
  • Impressive Segmenting Features
    • Time on site
    • Engagement level
    • Browser language
    • Referral source
    • Number of site visits
    • Date(s) of visit
    • Device used when visiting
  • Exclusive Access to Facebook Ad Retargeting Training Series
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

ConnectRetarget has a lot of exciting segmenting features. But the best part is this platform makes highly focused retargeting segmentation extremely simple and quick.

It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to streamline your retargeting campaigns and increase the ROI on your marketing efforts.

Automated Email & Facebook Syncing Ad Tool for Retargeting

Image Source: connectio.io/connectaudience

ConnectAudience is another tool that expands on ConnectRetaget’s functionality (and yes, they’re from the same company). 

This platform combines and automates your retargeting campaigns with email marketing. 

It’s a truly exciting software tool that seamlessly integrates with your autoresponder and FB account. 

Let’s check out this unique retargeting tool’s features:

  • Cloud Based Software
    • No downloads and fully compatible on all devices
  • Automatically Connects Email Marketing With Facebook Ad Retargeting
    • Seamlessly connects your email autoresponder with your Facebook ads account
    • Quickly create unique custom audiences using email lists
    • No downloading and uploading CSV files or manually integrating and segmenting your subscribers and customers
  • Impressive Case Studies to Back its Explosive ROI-Improving Claims
  • Quick & Easy to Set Up Professional Retargeting Campaigns
    • Beginner-friendly requiring zero experience or technical know-how
  • Automate Campaigns & Activities Between Email & Facebook
  • Build Laser-Targeted Audiences & Lookalike Audiences
    • Build audiences all within the dashboard
  • Seamless Integration With the Most Popular Email Autoresponders
  • Save Time & Automate Your Email Retargeting Campaigns
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

ConnectAudience is definitely an exciting system. 

For anyone that runs retargeting campaigns (or creates lookalike audiences) using your email lists, then you can truly appreciate the time and energy this software can save you. 

Learn more by following the button below!

8. Data & Performance Tracking Software

I don’t know about you, but I personally hate sifting through daily, weekly and monthly data reports and trends. 

But I also understand that this step is essential for understanding campaign performance, ad spend versus ROI and for making optimization and scaling decisions.

Luckily, there are some amazing tools to automate and streamline this process. 

So let’s put away our calculators and spreadsheets and allow a powerful software platform to crunch the numbers for us.

Automatically Create, Report & Share Ad Data & Analytics

Image Source: www.supermetrics.com

Supermetrics is an all-in-one marketing automation tool that provides reporting for all our PPC, SEO, social and web analytics. 

Supermetrics for Google Sheets specifically is an add-on that transforms your Google Sheets dashboard into an automated business marketing and data tracking powerhouse.

The software has an impressive suite of resources, integration and support. 

And its seamless integration with Google makes it easier than ever to connect all your campaign data under one roof. 

Let’s check out the features:

  • Easily Report on, Analyze & Monitor Your Marketing Campaigns All in One Place
  • Completely Automate Data Tracking & Reporting
  • Customize Your Reporting Preferences & Dashboard
    • Use visual graphs, charts, sharing or other preferred reporting methods
  • Uses Google Sheets (for Free) to Save Money
  • Seamless Integration
    • Easily connect with your PPC, SEO, website/social data, email marketing campaigns and data
  • Automatically Refresh Reporting Data
  • Automatically Share Reporting Data With Anyone You’d Like
  • Use Done-for-You Templates for Data Reporting
  • Great Reviews & Over 300,000 Satisfied Users
  • Comes With a 14-Day Free Trial

Supermetrics offers additional products (such as Supermetrics for Excel or Supermetrics API), but its Google Sheets tool is an enticing solution for data reporting and marketing automation. 

Learn more by clicking the button below!

9. Interactive & Engaging Content Software

I’ve included this section because interactive content (such as quizzes and calculators) are on an upward trend and can help your campaigns stand out and potentially give your advertising efforts that extra edge.

Using this type of content for your digital marketing strategy enhances engagement, user sharing (which increases organic reach) and user experience.

Boost Engagement & Easily Create Interactive Ads & Posts

Image Source: outgrow.co

Outgrow is one of my favorite platforms for creating highly engaging social media posts, ads and content. Within seconds, you’ll feel comfortable and confident as it’s an extremely intuitive platform. 

The interactive suite of tools will boost your marketing performance by optimizing your campaigns for engagement, interaction and sharing.

Having interactive, engaging posts and ads can boost your organic reach (from sharing) and potentially create a viral effect. 

Let’s look at some key features with the Outgrow software:

  • Make Interactive Quizzes, Calculators & Graphs
  • Create Tests/Assessments & E-Commerce Recommendations
  • Easily Make Customized Surveys & Polls
  • Quickly Build Chatbots
    • As with the other features, absolutely no tech skills are required!
  • Promote Giveaways for Audiences
  • Seamless Third-Party Integrations
  • Real-Time Data Tracking & Analytics
  • Increase Conversions & ROI
    • Outgrow’s interactive content has been shown to increase engagement and conversions for marketing campaigns

As you can see, the software provides numerous tools to take your marketing to the next level and give your audience a memorable, participatory experience. 

If you’re looking for a unique edge and authenticity, then adopting an interactive strategy with Outgrow is a great place to start.

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The software starts at only $14/month but also comes with a completely free trial to test out the platform.

10. Bonus: Automatically Convert Facebook Posts Into Ads

You may have wondered about boosting your existing Facebook posts and/or if you can turn those posts into successful ads. 

Well, the short answer is yes, you can absolutely turn those posts and their engagement into running ads. 

However, simply boosting your posts within Facebook will limit targeting and optimization functions. This is where software can help.

Automatically Convert Your Best-Performing Posts Into Profitable Ads

Image Source: connectio.io/connectautomate

I’ve mentioned the Connect.IO platform many times throughout this post. But this last automation tool is particularly exciting. 

Imagine having your digital marketing efforts completely turned around by simply turning your best performing Facebook posts into profitable ad campaigns – all on autopilot. 

Let’s check out this platform’s features:

  • Tracks & Identifies Your Best Performing Posts
  • Turns Your Best Performing Posts Into Profitable Ads 
    • All at the Click of a Button
  • Automatically Builds Highly Targeted, Engaging Ads From Existing Posts
  • Boosts Engagement & Saves Time
    • No more spending hours inside your Facebook Ads Manager deciphering data, testing new campaigns and trying to figure out how and when to scale particular ads and ad sets 
  • Provides a Shortcut to Running Profitable Facebook Ads
    • No experience necessary and no extensive training or learning foreign concepts required
    • A simple solution to automate and run simple Facebook ads so you can focus more time on your business and your customers

Facebook favors posts that have higher engagement, so by turning your best-performing posts into boosted ads, you’ll be naturally favored by the Facebook algorithm, which increases your exposure, engagement and ROI.

Using ConnectAutomate to turn your engaging posts into profitable ads is a unique marketing approach that’s been shown to have explosive returns for businesses and marketers. 

Learn more by clicking the button below!


I know this post ran a bit long (over 6,000 words!), but I wanted to present you with some best ways to streamline and automate your business and marketing efforts. 

Although these tools are not required for successful campaigning, they are the best software for marketing and are specifically built to increase conversions, sales and ROI.

While many of the systems I recommend are completely free to sign up, all the paid platforms come with free trials or money back guarantees. 

Thanks again for stopping by today and I hope this helps with your marketing optimization objectives!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these software or if you know of any other good tools!


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