We all want a great business name. It’s something that will likely be with us forever and should represent who we are and what we stand for. And it can be difficult to choose the right words. So welcome to my list of modern nutrition business name ideas.

I hope this article inspires you with new ideas and provides some confidence for crafting the perfect name.

So I’ve split this article into four main sections, covering the importance of a great name, tips on creating a strong brand and a list of modern business name ideas.

I hope this helps you in your journey and brings you one step closer to launching your amazing nutrition business.

Now enough small talk – let’s get it!

  • The Importance of A Strong Business Name
  • The Anatomy of A Great Business Name
  • How to Write A Great Business Name
  • 41 Nutrition Business Name Ideas

Importance of A Strong Business Name

Having a strong business name is crucial. Besides standing out from the competition, a strong name will represent your brand, your clients and is something that’s not easily changed.

So let’s explore a few reasons why having a strong business name is so important.

Brand Name Recall

This is a pretty straightforward benefit: good names are remembered (and confusing ones aren’t).

Crafting a great name that’s memorable (or easily remembered) is a great benefits and highlights the importance of having an intentional, strong business name.

SEO + Searchability Benefits

SEO, or search engine optimization, means that your website and its content shows up in Google when people search for particular key phrases.

So by keeping searchability in mind, you’ll be creating a business name that’s inherently stronger and more competitive than businesses who ignore this internet reality.

Differentiation + Uniqueness

Your business name is a reflection of your brand, and it’s your chance to stand out.

Differentiation is a key aspect of creating a competitive business, and this can often start with your business name. So if you’re in a big city or there’s a lot of nutrition business competition in your area, it’s important to create a name that’s not just a slight variation from everyone else. We want to stand out.

It’s the First Impression of Your Business

For better or worse, a business name is often the first impression for potential clients. And there will naturally be immediate judgments and opinions made, based solely on your name.

So by creating a strong business name, you’re increasing the chances of more interest and potential clients.

It’s Tells the Customer What You Do

Finally, a strong name often represents what you do best. This can be tricky to do – especially in the beginning. After all, I’m sure Nike wasn’t associated with elite sport performance products when they first started.

Still, keeping this in mind can help guide your business name decision-making.

The Anatomy of A Great Business Name

What makes a great business name? Is it the word choice? Or maybe it’s the clever creation of some unique, savvy-sounding word.

Whatever the case, there are few things that stand out when comparing business names to their success.

It’s Short(ish)

Similar to a good business name having a stronger brand recall, keeping things shorter will make your brand much easier to remember. Besides, a long, clunky business name never looks good.

So try to stick with a less is more strategy when creating your business name.

It Uses Power Words

People act on emotion way more than logic. This is actually a common theme in marketing and selling. So it makes sense to consider this psychological truth when creating a business name.

If you’re struggling with thinking of a unique, eye-catching name, try using simple and memorable power words. You can gran some inspiration from the business names found on this list.

It’s Relevant to Your Audience

This one is a bit obvious, but we want to appeal to our audience as quick as possible. And since a business name is often the first thing people will see, making it relevant is a key piece of the puzzle.

After all, if your audience is single parents who tend towards vegetarian diets, then a name like Bare Bones Nutrition could be off-putting (since both the words bare and bones may subconsciously create images of meat and animals).

It’s Memorable

This again goes back to the point on brand recall. But a great business name should be memorable. So by keeping things short, relevant and using the right word choices, your brand is more likely to stay front and center on people’s minds.

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How to Write A Great Business Name

Look Outward: Know What’s Out There Already

Looking to your competition has two key benefits:

  • It gives you inspiration
  • It shows you what’s been taken (and what hasn’t)

We want to stand out (and we don’t want to steal someone’s name), so auditing your competition is crucial. Besides this, looking to other brands gives us ideas for what’s working for them and our minds will naturally be inspired.

Look Inward: Who Is Your Audience

Your audience is at the heart of your business. So if you’re feeling stuck, remember who you’re looking to serve for inspiration.

Your audience will have a collection of specific interests, demographics, values, lifestyles and careers. So leverage this information when crafting a business name and be sure that you’re creating something that will resonate with them.

Layer Your Sub-Niches for A Unique Business Name

This goes back to the first point on auditing your competition, but you want to stand out. Besides avoiding any confusion or issues with copying someone else’s brand, this is your chance to showcase what makes you different.

A strong business name can often highlight, or hint, at what makes the brand different and unique.

For example, Erica Stephens (BAppSc, MNutrDiet, IOC Dip Sport Nutr) is a dietitian who focuses on sports and athletics in nutrition. So her brand and business name is aptly name Sportrition.

Use Your Mission

Your brand and services offered are often guided by your business mission and value statement. Often, a business’ name will reflect this.

When searching for the right name, consider your purpose and mission. What do you want to accomplish? How are you helping people? And what are your values?

The answers to these questions can all guide you towards a strong, intentional nutrition business name.

40+ Nutrition Business Name Ideas

  • Vita Nutrition
  • Brightwell Nutrition
  • The Food/Health/Nutrition Guru(s)
  • The Food/Health/Nutrition Sherpa(s)
  • Nourished
  • Blooming Nutrition
  • The Health Box
  • Food First
  • Absolute Nutrition/Health
  • Element Nutrition
  • (The) Nutrition Mecca
  • (Your Name)’s Nutrition Corner
  • Welcome Nutrition
  • Nutritional Bliss
  • Nutrition On A Mission
  • Dietitians On A Mission
  • Life Nutrition
  • Newtrition
  • The Health/Food Heros
  • Happy Face Nutrition
  • Food for Health
  • Waking Health/Nutrition
  • The Health Cave
  • New Day Nutrition
  • Club Health/Nutrition
  • Renourished
  • Renewed Health
  • Partners In Food
  • The Health Sidekick
  • HealthMade Nutrition
  • Studio Nutrition / The Nutrition Studio
  • Golden Health Nutrition
  • Elite Nutrition
  • Food Warriors
  • The Nutrition Corner
  • Healthy Start Nutrition
  • Intertia Nutrition
  • The Nutrition/Health House
  • Elevated Health
  • HealthWorks/NutritionWorks
  • NuHealth
  • NuEnergy
  • One Step Nutrition



This post has been a brief guide on creating a great nutrition business name. I’ve provided a collection of fresh name ideas as well as some key tips to think of a strong and memorable name.

At the end of the day, it’s really about finding something that best reflects your brand vision, your audience and your core services offered.

So I hope this post has provided you with some inspiration and ideas. But let me know in the comments what other problems or obstacles you’re running into when trying to come up with a strong nutrition business name.

Thanks again for stopping by today!


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