Making a great tourism marketing video doesn’t need to be difficult. After all, people love to travel and the locations often speak for themselves.

Before we dive in, I should note that you don’t need to have any existing or original content to start creating videos. And you don’t need any professional actors, designers, video editors or technical consulting. 

The only thing you do need is a specific message, offer and a clearly defined brand image to make the most out of your videos. 

Although this topic of optimization and conversions is for another article and another day. So let’s take a look at the first free tool to create a video for a website (or any other business/marketing objective).

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            Create Custom Videos for Websites, Social Media & Marketing

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   provides a versatile, user-friendly platform to create professional, beautiful videos. Creating branded content to improve your business, marketing and website appeal is simple using this site. 

            And the best part, the software is completely free to use.

            Although there are premium upgrade options (which are still affordable), getting started doesn’t cost a cent and gets you up to 5 videos, 15 seconds in length, which you can share on your socials. 

            However, if you’d like to download the file as an mp4, you’ll need to upgrade to the Creator account for $29/month.

            Key Features

            • Simple & Intuitive Online Video Editor
            • Easily Create Animated Text With Your Videos
            • Great For Video Intros & Videos For Blogs/Websites
            • Create Facebook Cover Videos, Instagram Stories & Social Media Content
              • Perfect to develop your brand and build your story
            • Perfect For Marketing & Creating Video Ads

            Video Editor That Also Turns Any Text Into Video Using AI

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            Lumen5 is a unique software to say the least. This platform allows users to upload any written content (via URL or file upload) and its AI software will automatically convert the text into a video highlighting the main points and concepts. 

            This can be a great addition to blog posts and can be an engaging way to quickly summarize content for visitors in an easily consumed, video format.

            I should note however that sometimes the AI is not perfect

            That is, although it converts written content into video and picks out key points automatically for the video text, there’s a good chance you’ll have to go in and adjust some things (such as the key text used and the images/videos selected). 

            Luckily, the platform is rather straightforward however and videos can be easily edited within your dashboard.

            Key Features

            • Easily Convert Any Text Into Video
            • Use AI to Completely Automate the Process
            • Choose From A Library of Millions of Free Images, Video Clips & Music
            • Customize Videos With Unique Branding, Fonts, Colors, Logos & Watermarks
            • Use Pre-Built Templates & Create Compelling Videos In Minutes

            Easily Create Videos, Animations, Logos & Websites

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            Renderforest is one of my favorite choices on this list. 

            It’s a comprehensive platform offering users the ability to make beautiful videos, custom logos, professional websites and landing pages and engaging animations or promo style intros.

            It’s a robust framework that has an attractive design and appeal. 

            With over 8,000,000 clients served and industry leading recognition (Forbes, GoDaddy, Entrepreneur, etc.), Renderforest is an impressive option for businesses and website owners.

            Key Features

            • Uses Cloud-Based Software to Create Professional Videos
              • Travel videos
              • Wedding and event videos
              • Promotional content
              • Music videos
              • YouTube and Instagram Stories
              • Explanatory & Educational Content 
              • Animations
              • Corporate presentations 
              • Much more…
            • Create Custom Logos
              • This is a free service that uses machine learning to analyze your content and help you create a custom business logo in minutes
            • Create Professional Websites & Landing Pages In Minutes
            • Many Positive Reviews & Social Proof Backing Its Claims & Value

            Check Out My Full Renderforest Review Here!

            Create & Customize Unique, High-Quality Marketing Videos

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            Promo is an enticing option that focuses on highly engaging and high-converting marketing videos. From Facebook, Instagram and YouTube ads to LinkedIn ads and promo videos, this software has you covered. 

            Users can find the right video template based on their specific industry and objective and customize it using a library of top-performing images and video clips.

            It’s a user-friendly platform that provides businesses and website owners with a robust tool for their video and marketing efforts. 

            Although you can try the software completely for free to see if it’s a good fit for you, you’ll need to grab at least the basic account to unlock all the features and full functionality. 

            Plans start at $59/month (if paid monthly; you’ll save 50% if you opt for the annual plan).

            Key Features

            • Easily Create & Edit Beautiful, Professional-Quality Videos
            • Create Videos Specifically Formatted & Optimized For Social Media Ads
            • Choose From A Large Library of Professional, High-Performing Video Clips & Images
            • Create Industry-Specific Videos
              • Business Videos
              • Real Estate Videos
              • Marketing Videos
              • Travel Videos
              • ECommerce Videos
              • Recruiting & HR Videos
            • Create Videos Quickly Using Done-For-You Templates & Creatives
            • Customize Fonts, Colors & Logo Watermarks

            Marketing & eLearning Video Maker With Conversion Optimization

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            Vidello is a powerful tool for marketers and businesses interested in creating unique, customized videos for their website, landing pages and ads. 

            Users can apply a variety of different apps to increase conversions (such as interactive poll videos, custom animated text pop-ups and email capture forms).

            Ultimately, Vidello focuses on making and increasing conversions, creating engaging marketing videos and providing a simple solution to eLearning type of videos. 

            Plans start at $29/month and come with a 7-day free trial.

            Key Features

            • Create Video Gifs For Email Marketing
            • Add Custom Framing & Borders to Your Videos
            • Fully Mobile Optimized 
            • SEO Optimized For Search Engines
            • Create Custom Timeline Bookmarks For Longer Videos
              • Users can easily skip to specific points in videos
            • Create Video Playlists of Multiple Videos Within A Slideshow Format
            • Fully Optimized App Integration For Digital Marketing
              • Email app allows you to collect emails from directly inside videos
              • Offer clickable coupons directly inside videos
              • Create interactive polls
              • Create animated, customized lower thirds text
              • Boost eCommerce sales with buttons to purchase directly from videos
              • Easily share across all social media channels
              • Send viewers directly to checkout pages, eliminating friction and unnecessary steps
              • Create pop-up text boxes for additional information during video play

            A User-Friendly & Business-Focused Video Maker With Voice-Over Options

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            Animoto is a fantastic option for businesses and website owners. The software boasts an intuitive drag-and-drop editor and allows users to create beautiful custom videos in a matter of minutes. 

            With a keen focus on business, marketing and brand building, this is a truly powerful and user-friendly platform that will reliably suite your video needs.

            Plans start at just $33/month and come with a 14-day free trial.

            Various optimization features compliment the convenience of their fully stocked library of images, videos and music. 

            Additional ready-made templates, texts and fonts and voice-over functions allow members to fully customize their projects to suit their brand and website image.

            Key Features

            • Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Video Editor
              • No design or technical skills required
            • Millions of Stock Photos, Video Clips & Music To Use Freely
              • Or easily add your own video clips and images into the editor
            • Video Templates Fully Optimized & Following Best Practices For Marketing & Business
            • Create Unlimited Videos
            • Personalize Videos Using Custom Fonts, Logo Watermarks, Text, Colors & Voice-Overs
            • Post Videos On Social Media, Your Personal Website(s) or Download For Personal Use

            Easily Create Beautiful Videos In Minutes

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            Biteable is another video tool that’s backed by some big names, such as Airbus, Cisco, Shopify, Microsoft and IBM. 

            It’s an engaging platform that makes it simple for businesses, marketers and website owners to easily create stunning videos in minutes. Of course, zero technical skills are required.

            With done-for-you templates and various customization options, members can easily brand their projects and download or share their content using Biteable’s software. 

            Although the recommended Starter Plan starts at only $19/month (*cheaper if paid yearly), you can sign up completely for free to try out the platform and start creating videos.

            Under the free account, you can share up to 10 video, but it appears you cannot download or export the projects.

            Key Features

            • Easily Create Professional, Studio-Quality Videos in Minutes
            • A Simple Process Walks You Through Creating Custom Videos
              • First, you select a style and theme
              • Then upload and edit your content (text, video clips/images)
              • Then choose music to match your video
              • Share, download or export your finished product
            • Perfect For Social Media Sharing & Creating Stories
            • Choose From A Variety of Style & Objectives
              • Create trailers
              • Product demonstrations
              • Marketing & promo videos
              • Commercials
              • Educational & explainer videos
              • Training, videos resumes and presentations
              • Create animated videos, cartoons, logos and text

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            As you can see, there are a variety of options available when choosing a software to start creating video content for your website, business and/or marketing objectives. 

            Whether you opt for a free plan or a paid premium package, the platforms presented in this post are all equally suitable choices that will deliver reliable and professional results.

            So thanks for stopping by and reading, but that’s all I’ve got for you today! Happy video making!

            Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever used video for your business and/or website! If not, what’s been holding you back?

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            Janet · January 11, 2020 at 2:56 pm

            Hi Jeffrey. I really enjoy reading your post because I have learn something new here today! I have my own online business website but so far it never come across my mind I can add some videos in it.

            Your post provide a great number of choice I can consider to choose from when I’m ready to put some videos in my website. I will spend some time to explore it around with the choice you have provided here first.

            Anyway, I have bookmarked your this page so that when I’m ready to do some videos for my website I can come back here…:-)

              Jeffrey Quinn · January 11, 2020 at 3:04 pm

              Fantastic! I’m happy you could find the information helpful 🙂

              I too want to start implementing more video, but I know it’s another task to add to the already busy schedule of running an online business! Luckily these tools make the process pretty quick and easy (and cheap!)

              Thanks again for reading and commenting 🙂 Feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions!

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