In this review I want to give you the clearest, most objective review of some top choices for landing page software. More importantly, I want you to avoid one crucial mistake before committing. So what is the best landing page builder? Well, it really depends on you and your objectives.

So let’s identify this one mistake is that I’ve hinted at in the title. I won’t beat around the bush.

Avoid This Mistake:

Not knowing exactly what your objectives and priorities are

    Simple? Perhaps. But it’s an easily overlooked element as we get inundated with landing page reviews and features that all appear to say the same thing. So how can we avoid making this blunder? 

    By understanding exactly what separates different landing pages from each other. Only then can we find the most suitable software for our specific objectives and circumstances.

    As such, I’ve segmented this post into the following criteria that I believe are some more common deciding factors when choosing a landing page builder:


    1. My Top Priority is Price
    2. My Top Priority is Client Account Management, Team Collaboration & Automation
    3. My Top Priority is Build Websites + Landing Pages; Social Media Marketing & Advanced Analytics
    4. My Top Priority is Comprehensive Business & Marketing Tools
    5. My Top Priority is Creating Multi-Step Sales Funnels or Membership Sites
    6. Conclusion

    It’s my hope that by understanding how your priorities fit within the different landing page builders, you should have some better clarity throughout the buying process.

    OK, so let’s dive in and find the best software for your preferences and objectives!

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    1. Price

    Personally, price was one of my top priorities when I was looking to purchase my first landing page builder – and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone on that one. 

    After all, landing page software is not always the cheapest business and marketing expense.

    Still, there are some fantastic budget-friendly options that will provide you with extremely powerful solutions and beautiful design capabilities. 

    Let’s start from the cheapest and move down the list.

    I won’t beat around the bush, Builderall is an outstanding, first-rate platform. It’s got more features and functions than I can list and simply put, you’ll be getting a brilliant marketing and landing page solution.

    Recently, the software updated its pricing plan structure and now offers a completely free account option. This is an exciting development because the features available on this platform are nothing short of outstanding.

    Let’s look at the key features:

    • Simple Drag-and-Drop Editor
    • In-House “Canvas Funnel Builder” to Streamline the Process
    • Built-In Email Marketing App & Professional Email Address With Domain(s)
    • Facebook Messenger Chat
    • Automate Posting
    • Share Funnels & Share Websites
      • This allows users to share their own templates and site with anyone else
      • ClickFunnels (see below) also supports this feature
    • Create Your Own Affiliate Network
    • Over 1,000 Ready-to-Use Templates
    • A/B Split Testing
    • Full Sales Funnel Builder With Checkout, Order Bumps & Funnel Templates
    • SEO Optimized
    • Advanced Data Tracking & Analytics Including Heatmaps
    • Copy Script Generator
    • Many More…

    *some features may only be available under the premium plans

    Ucraft is an intuitive platform that let’s users easily create landing pages, logos, online stores and blogging platforms. 

    It’s a simple, no-frills software and anyone can get started and create some landing page websites completely for free. 

    Let’s check out some more of its features:

    • Simple Drag-and-Drop Editor
    • Industry-Specific Customizable Templates
    • Performance Tracking & Domain Connections
    • Fantastic Premium Upgrade Options
      • Get A Free Domain
      • No Ucraft Branding
      • Blogging Tools
      • Multi-Lingual Site Applications
      • Custom Fonts
      • Third-Party Integration
      • No Transaction Fees
      • Membership Site Options
      • More Advanced Data Management
      • The Most Expensive Plan Is Only $39/Month

    So Mailerlite is actually more known for its email autoresponder services. However, all free plans come with landing page building functionality. 

    This is also the case with GetResponse (see below), but Mailerlite’s option is particularly attractive since it’s completely free to use. 

    Let’s check out its features:

    • Simple Drag-and-Drop Landing Page Builder
    • Powerful, Built-in Email Builder & Autoresponder Platform
    • Easily Create Surveys, Quizzes, Forms, Pop-Ups & More
    • Easily Segment Subscribers For Customized Campaigns & Followups
    • A/B Split Testing
    • Access to Beautiful Pre-Made Templates
    • Save Custom Templates For Future Use
    • Data Tracking & Third-Party Integrations
    • Mobile Responsive & SEO Friendly

    Landingi is perhaps a lesser known platform, but it’s still trusted by over 4,000 companies and endorsed by marketing leaders such as Neil Patel. 

    It’s an intuitive software for creating simple, high-converting landing pages. Landingi comes with industry standard features and provides users with a suite of useful tools, including integration, automation and insightful analytics. 

    Let’s check out its key features:

    • Simple Drag-and-Drop Editor
    • Over 200 Customizable Templates
    • Image & Icon Library for Customization
    • Build Full Sales Funnels
    • Invite Team Members to Collaborate
    • Create Client Sub-Accounts & Authorize Users to Create & Edit Pages
    • One-Click Publishing
    • Mobile Responsive
    • Lead Generation Management System
      • It’s like a mini CRM!
    • Easily Create Forms & Pop-Ups
    • Third-Party Integration
    • Easily Track Your KPIs & Conversion Data
    • Automation Features
      • Built-in email autoresponder, Landing page scheduler, etc.

    GetResponse is actually an email autoresponder, but the platform also supports a simple landing page builder. 

    This can be a great option since it’s affordable and you can easily sync your email marketing and lead generation/landing page strategies all in one place. 

    Let’s check out the key features:

    • Premium Templates
    • Drag-and-Drop Editor
    • Mobile Responsive
    • Access to Shutterstock Images & Built-In Image Editor for Customization
    • Form Building & Countdown Timers – nice for capturing leads and creating urgency
    • A/B Split Testing
    • Data Tracking & Analytics
    • Simple Third-Party Integration
    • Robust Email Automation Software

    Leadpages is a great choice and comes in at a starting price of just $25/month (*if billed annually). The software comes with industry standard features such as a simple drag-and-drop editor, data tracking and done-for-you templates.

    But one of its unique tools is its social ad builder, which allows users to build Facebook and Instagram directly inside their dashboard – pretty handy if you ask me! 

    Let’s look at some more of its features:

    • Drag-and-Drop Editor
    • Professional Templates
    • Both a Landing Page & Website Builder
    • A/B Split Testing
    • Data Tracking & Real-Time Analytics
    • Code-Free Publishing & Design Functions
    • Plenty of Third-Party Integration
    • SEO Friendly
    • Easily Create Pop-Ups, Opt-Ins & Forms
    • Build & Manage Facebook & Instagram Ads All Under One Dashboard

    Anyone can get started with WordPress completely for free. And although WordPress is traditionally a website builder, there are various plugins and themes for building simple landing pages.

    I’ll be recommending WordPress a few more times throughout this article due to its versatility and longstanding trust and authority for internet businesses of all shapes and sizes.

    I should note however that using WordPress for your landing page efforts requires a bit more time and effort as it will require the use of various plugins, design and menu display tweaking. 

    Adopting WordPress into your business in general requires a little more technical dexterity (compared to some other more user-friendly builders). 

    However, its a powerful platform that excels at SEO, ECommerce and website optimization that makes the extra work totally worth it.

    Besides its less that intuitive interface, you’ll also need to get third-party hosting to claim your own unique URL domain. You can do this easily and cheaply using Bluehost.

    WordPress is an internet staple that provides high authority and extensive functionality for all your online needs.

    So whether you manage a blog, have a business website or run an ECommerce store, WordPress offers impressive SEO optimization, ready-made themes for customization, reliability and robust site infrastructure. 

    2. Client Account Management, Team Collaboration & Automation

    If you’re an agency managing a client’s landing pages or marketing or if you work with a team and would like the option to collaborate on projects, then choosing a landing page builder with a strong user management function is a good choice. 

    I’ve included this topic within the list because there are particular landing page builders that excel in this department.

    Creating fully optimized landing pages that require no technical, design or programming skills comes standard with Landingi (as well as the other page builders in this post). 

    But having the functionality of collaboration and more advanced automation elements is a differentiating point worth exploring with this software. 

    Let’s check out its features:

    • Simple Drag-and-Drop Editor
    • Customization Across Devices
    • Over 200 Ready-Made Templates
    • Free Images, Icons & Fonts
    • Automated Followup
      • Easily integrate your existing email autoresponder or use Landingi’s built-in email automation feature
    • Schedule Landing Pages to Easily Manage & Plan Launches
    • Lead Notifications
      • Automatically receive notifications for all new leads that come in
    • Webhooks
      • Automatically send and exchange lead capture data between your different integration, URL destination points and business applications
    • Easily Create Client Sub Accounts & Assign User Agents
    • Simple User & Team Collaboration Tools

    Unbounce is another big name for landing page software and it offers no less than the other top competitors in this post. 

    With a sales-driven focus on conversions, Unbounce provides powerful solutions for e-Commerce brands and agencies. 

    The landing pages are also segmented for applications across all marketing channels from email to social ads and paid traffic.

    All plans come with a free trial and the starter Essential plan comes in at $79/month (*if billed annually). Let’s look at the key features:

    • Simple Drag-and-Drop Editor
    • Ready-to-Use Customizable Templates
    • Third-Party Integration & Simple Domain Linking
    • Dynamic Text Replacement
      • Automatically personalize increase the relevancy of your landing pages using text/copy that changes based on who is visiting your page(s)
    • Schedule Landing Page Launch
      • Automate your landing pages by scheduling
    • Smart Traffic
      • AI-based automation to match visitors with landing pages most relevant to them
    • A/B Split Testing
    • Unlimited Users on Accounts
    • Manage Client Sub-Accounts (*requires at least the Premium plan)

    Instapage appears a few times throughout this post, and for good reason. It’s a powerful software that offers users a suite of valuable tools. 

    The software’s user collaboration and automation functions are the spotlight of this section. Let’s check out the specs:

    • Visual & Advanced, Real-Time Team Collaboration Tools
      • Secure and real-time edits, feedback and sharing
    • Ad-to-Page Personalization
      • Dynamic landing page segmentation & followup
      • Automatically segment your prospects with the most relevant pages and retargeting funnels based on set parameters
    • Dynamic Text Replacement
      • Automatically match landing page copy to visitors based on their search keywords
    • Instablocks
      • Easily create, save and reuse your best page designs or page sections to reuse in new projects and campaigns
      • Save invaluable time by reusing design elements to quickly build and scale new campaigns
      • Use done-for-you Instablock templates or create your own in the Instablock manager
    • Direct Lead Bypass
      • Connect any third-party integration to automatically send any data to your email, CRM, etc.
      • No user data is stored on Instapage and everything is automatically connected to your main business management platform(s)
      • *This is an Enterprise plan feature

    HubSpot really does have it all. It’s almost impossible to cover all the software’s functionalities in just one post. 

    So in addition to the other features discussed throughout this post (such as its CRM and email automation platform), I’d like to briefly introduce its business and marketing automation tools.

    • Automated Behavior Based Segmenting
      • Send users to customized landing pages and provide personal followups and retargeting based on their specific actions
    • Set Up Robust Email Automation Sequences
    • Automatically Track & Analyze Social Media Engagement

    Along with its many other features, Ucraft also has team collaboration functionality. 

    You can easily assign editors, designers, admins and owners to help create your projects and landing page campaigns. Using this features can also allow for client partnership and collaboration potential.

    • Invite & Assign Users For Collaboration

    3. Build Websites + Landing Pages; Social Media Marketing & Advanced Analytics

    Whatever business or marketing campaign you’re running, tracking, analyzing and understanding data is an essential skills and software function. 

    Although each landing page builder will offer analytics and tracking, there are particular software that stand out.

    Depending on the level of detail you’d like to use for your marketing and data analysis, utilizing advanced features (such as heat maps and on-site visitor tracking) is an innovative functionality. 

    It provides businesses and users with invaluable insights for how their landing pages are performing.

    And as we all know, making sound data-driven decisions is the crux for any marketing (or business) campaign.

    Instapage has already been introduced above for its automation and team collaboration functions. 

    However, this platform is truly a marketer’s hub and focuses its efforts strongly on optimizing digital marketing and social media marketing campaigns.

    The platform excels at improving return on ad spend by providing customized post-click experiences. 

    The software’s level of landing page optimization supports its strong claims of up to 400% improvement in post-click, landing page conversions. 

    Let’s explore the software’s key social ad features to see why:

    • Robust Landing Page Segmentation
      • Landing pages for Google ads
      • Landing pages for Facebook ads
      • Landing pages for retargeting campaigns
      • Landing pages for display ad campaigns
      • Landing pages for e-Commerce sales and conversions
      • Landing pages for lead generation campaigns
    • Admaps
      • Easily visualize visitor behavior and quickly connect post-click actions with specific ad campaigns
      • Optimize your campaigns and increase conversions
    • Heatmaps
      • Easily visualize your visitor’s landing page behavior

    Social media optimization tools and advanced conversion tracking can be invaluable resources for a business, website or marketer. 

    Builderall supports these features throughout its system. Here are some key points for the software:

    • Recently Updated Pricing Plan System Including A Free Account Option
    • Facebook Messenger Chatbot Integration
    • E-Commerce Site Builder Through Magento
    • ELearning Platform Capabilities
    • Professional Magazine Builder
    • Create Your Own Affiliate System
    • Blog Creation App
    • App Builder
    • Video Sales Letter (VSL) & Video Creation Tool
    • Mockup Graphics Editor
    • Contact Subscribers Beyond Email
      • Facebook Messenger
      • Web notifications
      • SMS messaging
      • WhatsApp
    • Webinar & Streaming Platform
    • Seamless WordPress Integration
    • Builderall 3.0 Branding Kit
    • On-Site Action Counter & Stats On a Per-Element Basis
    • A/B Split Testing & Page Conversion Stats
    • Heatmap & Click Tracking
      • Visualize and track your site visitors
    • Conversion Proof Bubble
      • On-site social proof pop-ups

    Leadpages starts at only $25/month and provides users with plenty of industry standard tools and resources. Regarding its social media applications, a truly unique feature is its Facebook and Instagram ad builder. 

    Let’s look at more of the features:

    • Facebook & Instagram Ad Builder
      • Easily create Facebook and Instagram ad campaign directly inside your Leadpages dashboard
    • Lead Notifications
    • A/B Split Testing
    • Real-Time Analytics

    • Phone, Chat & Email Functionality
    • Create Landing Pages, Websites, Pop-Ups & Alert Bars

    As I’ve talked about already, WordPress excels with most marketing and business features. 

    It’s ability to create full-scale, professional websites with industry leading SEO optimization is probably one of its hallmarks. 

    The platform’s’s functionality is as diverse as its user’s imagination. However, it does come with it a slight learning curve. 

    Although it is rather simple and offers a variety of templates, easy-to-use plugins and seemingly limitless tutorials online, you’ll need to spend a little time navigating the dashboard to become familiar with its functions.

    You will also need to pay for self-hosting to buy a unique domai URL. You can use a platform such as Bluehost to easily do this.

    Using a simple drag-and-drop editor plugin (such as the free Elementor plugin) is one of the first things I’d recommend to get started with easily customizing a WordPress site.

    • Build Multi-Purpose Websites & Landing Pages
    • Link & Manage Social Media Accouts
    • Multiple Plugins & Ways to Track, Integrate and Analyze Reporting Metrics and Data
    • Many, Many More Features…

    Simply put, HubSpot has a variety of plans and pricing packages. 

    Upon visiting the site, you may notice that its solutions are divided into CRM and free tools, a marketing, sales and service hub and a CMS (content management system) package. 

    So I definitely recommend you spend some time exploring its features to see if it’s a good fit.

    It can actually be almost overwhelming, especially if you’re just looking for something simpler. Here are just a few of its features for this category:

    • Advanced Social Media Ad Tracking
    • Traffic & Conversion Analytics
    • Automated Smart Content
      • Easily customize and personalize your landing pages and content for different audiences
    • Social Media Ad Management
    • Robust CMS

      • Build, manage and optimize SEO friendly websites using HubSpot’s advanced content management system

    I want to briefly mention GetResponse here because of the platform’s new social ad tools. 

    Within its autofunnel system, users have access to some exciting features for driving targeted traffic to their landing pages.

    • Buy Targeted Facebook & Instagram Traffic Directly Inside GetResponse
    • Easily Create Social Ads

    4. Comprehensive Business & Marketing Tools

    OK, so maybe you’re not too concerned about price and difficulty, and you just want it all. 

    You want to the full functionality and advanced features associated with top-performing landing page builders but you also value complimentary tools and full-scale business and marketing automation solutions.

    If this sounds like you, then you may do well by choosing a landing page builder that’s actually part of a larger business software framework. 

    This means centralizing your business, marketing and CRM all under one platform.

    Business is a complex, multi-step process, so why not have all its tools in one place – seamlessly integrated – for comprehensive management?

    I’ve introduced Builderall a couple times now, so you may be starting to see its expansive functionality and utility as a landing page builder. 

    In this section, I want to explore its business and marketing tools in more detail. Let’s check them out some more:

    • Built-In Email Marketing
    • Multiple Industry & Platform Builder – Magazine Builder, E-Commerce Sites, Blog & App Builder
    • Built-In CRM – Manage all your contacts in one place
    • Create Your Own Multi-Tier Affiliate System
    • Create Membership Sites
    • Facebook Messaging Integration
    • Professional Copy Script Generator

    HubSpot is a leading software solution for any digital marketing needs, including landing page building. 

    Although it’s perhaps best known for its powerful CRM and email autoresponder, the platform provides a full suite of business and marketing resources. 

    Let’s check out the features:

    • Built-In CRM
    • Built-In CMS
    • Powerful & Flexible Email Autoresponder
    • Full Suite of Marketing, Sales & Business Management Tools

    GetResponse is a popular email autoresponder that also comes with landing page functionality. 

    Due to its cross-channel marketing functionality, it’s a powerful solution that can provide users with more complimentary business features beyond simple landing pages. 

    Let’s look at the specs:

    • Impressive Email Autoresponder
    • Landing Page Builder
    • Autofunnel & Marketing Automation
      • Build out full sales funnels
      • Fully automate the customer journey
      • Create and automate landing page sequences with followups and incomplete purchases retargeting
    • Premium Enterprise Solution for Business Management

    ClickFunnels is an extremely powerful and intuitive landing page and sales funnel builder. 

    Users can easily create and visualize multi-step, complex funnels and membership sites while integrating a simple, built-in email autoresponder with just a few clicks. 

    Some members have even created full functioning websites with menus and all. Let’s look at some of its business solutions beyond landing pages:

    • Build Your Own Affiliate Marketing System (*premium feature)
    • Build Full Sales Funnel With Built-In Email Autoresponder
    • Manage Contacts & Lists Inside Your Dashboard
    • Access to Marketing & Sales Funnel Training & Support

    WordPress is inherently a powerful and almost necessary business and marketing solution – especially if you plan on making articles or doing blog-style content marketing.

    It’s an industry-leading website hosting platform that comes with extensive functionality and versatility for any and all business and marketing needs. 

    As mentioned earlier however, there is more of a learning curve with this platform (especially for landing page and marketing efforts).

    You can start for free and use WordPress’ free hosting to explore the platform. However, you’ll need to eventually buy a domain do self-hosting to obtain your unique URL.

    This can be done easily and cheaply using a website hosting platform such as Bluehost!

    Regardless, the platform is worth researching more due to its versatility, industry credibility and high utility for businesses and marketing your products/services online.

    5. Creating Multi-Step Funnels Or Membership Sites

    Landing pages are not just single-step, one-off mini-sites. They can be complex and are really just part of the larger sales funnel process. Understanding where and how your landing page operates with your sales funnel is important.

    So if you’d like to manage this process all in one place, then choosing a software that focuses on the sales funnel as a whole (not just the landing page) may be your best bet.

    It’s been covered how ClickFunnels excels in landing page building, but it’s truly great at creating complex funnels and automated followups. 

    And one of its notable features is the membership site building function inside the dashboard.

    • Done-For-You Sales Funnel Templates
    • Easily Create Membership Sites Using Existing Templates Within the Funnels Dashboard

    So here we are, talking about Builderall yet again. If you’ve visited the website’s main page, then you can understand why. Its extensive list of features takes more than a cup of coffee to sit through, read and understand. 

    I’ve covered most of the software’s highlights throughout this post, but finally we can look at its sales funnel and membership site capabilities.

    • *Recently Updated (as of January, 2020) Plans Including A Free Account Option
    • Full Sales Funnels Builder With Objective-Specific, Customizable Templates
    • Easily Create Membership Sites
      • This feature requires the Premium plan

    We know about HubSpot’s powerful CR, email marketing solutions and intuitive landing page builder. But did you know there are membership functions inside the marketing dashboard? 

    Well, maybe it’s no surprise, since this software seems to provide a solution for every other business and marketing need.

    • Membership System Functions
    • Landing Page & CRM Linking For Advanced Sales Funnel Capabilities

    In addition to Ucraft’s simple, user-friendly platform, its premium features also provides a basic membership function, allowing you to collect user information if you have an online store. 

    It’s worth exploring if you just need something simple and you still want to keep your costs low.

    • ECommerce Membership Functionality For Online Stores
    • Easily Set Up Payment Gateways & Shipping
    • Also Useful as a Blogging Platform
    • Can Make Logos & Live Chat Options

    Landingi prides itself in being a no-programmer, intuitive landing page builder. But this doesn’t mean it skimps on any of its features. 

    Under its most expensive Automate plan, users can enjoy more functionality. But getting started with customized and fully optimized landing pages is completely free.

    • Workflow Automation
      • Automate and manage your funnels, email opt-ins and landing pages for optimization and efficiency
    • Roadmap Funnel Builder
      • Create full sales funnels and connect them to each other based on user actions


    Well, as you may notice, there is a lot of overlap and each platform can provide businesses with impressive solutions. 

    Still, some platforms excel with particular features, which is why I tried to present this information as clearly as possible. To do that, I think a visual chart would be best.

    So there it is! A complete list of some top choices when it comes to selecting a landing page builder for your business and marketing. I hope this review has been helpful and thanks so much for reading!

    Let me know in the comments if you’ve used any other landing page software or if you have experience with any of the ones listed in this article!

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