Landing pages have a specific purpose and are super useful for online growth. So I’ve put together this helpful funnel page builder list to help you choose the best option. I’ve included my top choices for creating attractive, personalized landing pages on any budget.

For anyone that’s unfamiliar, let’s first clarify what a landing page is and how it relates to a sales funnel:

  • A sales funnel refers to the whole sales process, from finding and targeting a prospect to converting a warmed up customer into a paying (and returning) client
  • A landing page on the other hand, is just a step in that process (an instrumental step though!)

We can visualize this relationship below within the sales funnel matrix:

It’s worth noting that the sales funnel concept is nothing new. It’s actually a long-standing marketing protocol that’s deeply ingrained within the very essence of sales, followups and taking the customer through the purchasing journey.

The only difference is nowadays, the process is (more or less) digital and we have a variety of software tools to help us automate and optimize the whole process. 

I hope this article serves as a useful guide for choosing a suitable landing page software for your business objectives and budget.


  1. Builderall
  2. ClickFunnels
  3. Leadpages
  4. Instapage
  5. Unbounce
  6. GetResponse
  7. HubSpot
  8. BONUS: How To Make A High-Converting Landing Page: 12-Point Checklist
  9. Conclusion

*This list will be updated periodically as I continue to research and test out new products.

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And finally, regardless of the software you opt for, it’s more important to understand how to build an effective landing page. This is a skill that will dramatically improve your ad and campaign performance.

That’s why, as an added bonus within this article (and as a personal thank you for reading today), I’ve provided a 12-point checklist that will help you become a ninja at optimizing your landing pages for conversions. 

Even if you just implement a few of these tips, they’re great tactics to keep in mind when drafting your landing pages around your offer.

Now let’s propel your business forward and talk about the top landing page software that you can get started with today!

*This post contains affiliate links, which I may receive compensation from. This is at no cost to you and lets me keep the lights on. Read more here…

Impressive Set of Features & Great For Blogging & WordPress

Image Souce:

Builderall has recently made some big changes to its pricing structure. You can now sign up for and use the software completely for free!

Of course, you’ll need to upgrade to a more premium account to unlock some of the advanced features (such as funnel sharing and having a personal domain). 

Still, the software has an impressive collection of features and tools available. It’s a fantastic choice for any business, marketer or online entrepreneur looking to add a  powerful landing page builder to their marketing strategy. 

Key Features

*Again, please note that some of the features require an upgraded plan

  • Simple Drag-and-Drop Website & Funnel Builder
  • Share Funnels & Websites
    • Easily share and download other members’ websites and funnel templates for personal use and customization
  • Build Membership Areas
  • Blogging App
    • *Coming Soon, as of 02/2020
  • Advanced Sales & Checkout Options
    • Easily integrate order bumps and up-sell or down-sell features
  • A/B Split-Testing
  • Mobile Optimized & Page-Loading Accelerator 
  • Countdowns, Timelines & Email Marketing
  • Built-In CRM (customer relationship management system)
  • Professional Website Chatbots & SMS Messaging
  • 3-Click WordPress Integration
  • Social Media Live Streaming Tools
  • Magazine Builder & Cheetah Funnel Builder

Notable Features

  • Share Funnels & Websites
  • WordPress Integration, Blogging App & Magazine Builder
  • Built-In CRM & Messenger Chatbots

Great Online Community & A Unique Share Funnel Feature

Image Source:

If you’ve spent any amount of time researching landing pages or navigating the wild west of digital marketing, you’ve probably come across the ClickFunnels software.

They’re particularly popular for their affiliate program (which includes a free car giveaway if you sell 100 subscriptions!). All members are automatically affiliates after signing up. 

But how about the actual landing page software – is it any good?

Honestly, ClickFunnels was the first landing page builder I used and it didn’t take me long to learn my way around the dashboard, how to use the tools and the various customization options available. 

It’s an extremely simple interface with an intuitive drag-and-drop page builder.

A really great point to mention is because it’s such a popular platform, there is a huge amount of useful information and resources available. 

There are numerous Facebook groups, YouTube videos, articles and courses allowing you to ask and find answers and solutions to most problems you may come across.

As for the software itself, you can quickly and easily add additional steps, buttons, images, video or text boxes to your landing pages and sales funnels – all with the click of a button.

If you’re adding new funnel steps, you can choose from a variety of free (or paid) templates. It’s truly a done-for-you sales funnel software with powerful features and a keen focus on creating high-converting pages.

Let’s look at some key features with ClickFunnels.

Key Features

  • Incredibly Simple Drag-and-Drop Page Builder
  • A Highly Active & Engaged Online Community
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Seamless Third Party integration
  • A Built-In Email Auto-Responder
  • Access to A Unique Affiliate Program
    • I mean, why not try for a free dream car!
  • Free, Ready-to-Use Designs & Landing Pages
  • Multi-Step Templates for Various Sales Funnel Objectives
    • Webinar landing pages
    • Product launch funnels
    • Email opt-in funnels
    • eCommerce & product sales funnels
    • Event pages
    • Lead generation pages
  • Built-In Shopping Cart & Payment Gateways
  • A Guided Funnel Builder

Notable Features

  • Share Funnels
  • Affiliate Program
  • Online Community & Support

The share funnel feature is a really great tool. It allows each user to create and share their finished designs with anyone they’d like. 

Within the settings of each funnel template, you can find a unique share link that anyone can use to download, edit and use that exact landing page/sales funnel.

This is a great tool for affiliates to promote the software but it’s also a fantastic feature for all other users. 

Finding and uploading a beautifully finished landing page and/or sales funnel with the click of a button is incredibly handy, potentially saving you hours of tweaking and editing.

Pricing Structure

Image Source:

As you can see, this is a premium product with its starting membership coming in at $97/month. So, you may be wondering, is it worth it?

Well I personally use ClickFunnels and find that the price tag absolutely matches the value that I get. 

Their software, high-converting templates, simple drag-and-drop landing page builder and robust features altogether help businesses and marketers capture leads, increase sales and generate revenue.

ClickFunnels does come with a 14-day free trial, so if you’re in the market for a robust landing page software and curious about all the ClickFunnels hype, then I definitely recommend you at least give it a try.

Affordability & A Cool Social Media Ad Tool

Image Source:

Leadpages is definitely one of the more affordable solutions available, so if you’re concerned about cost, this could be a great choice. That doesn’t mean however that the software is any less powerful or practical.

With a focus on small businesses, Leadpages excels at lead generation, selling products and services and engaging with your audience. 

The dashboard and landing page builder is fully optimized for conversions and provides real-time analytics for decision-making and guidance and options for A/B split testing.

With numerous templates to choose from, Leadpages offers a high quality digital marketing solution for business owners and entrepreneurs alike. The platform also supports 40+ third party integrations for all pricing plans.

If you decide to go with Leadpages, you’ll also have access to a large online community to ask questions and connect with other business owners. 

Additionally, there are useful virtual workshops, expert support and free tutorials to help improve your digital marketing strategies.

Overall, the software offers a user-friendly, modern solution to your landing page problems. Let’s look at some of the key features!

Key Features

  • Advertising
    • Easily create Facebook & Instagram ads directly inside Leadpages
    • The Facebook pixel is automatically installed and ready to track visitors and gather data
  • Easy Drag-and-Drop Landing Page Builder
    • Mobile responsive and optimized
    • Drop-down menu options
    • SEO optimized
  • Conversion Tools
    • Email triggers
    • Real-time data analytics
    • A/B split testing options
    • Seamless third party integrations
    • Pop-up tools
  • Premium Design Templates & Resources
    • Fully customizable
  • Expert Training Material and Support
  • Free Hosting
    • + Free custom domain with all annual purchases
  • Security & GDPR Compliance
    • Automatic SSL certified pages

Notable Feature

  • Create Facebook & Instagram Ads Directly Inside Leadpages 

Although integrations are great and streamline your workflow, allowing your different platforms to smoothly communicate with each other, having everything in one place is even better.

Leadpages’ ad building feature is a fantastic option for entrepreneurs, website owners and small business owners who value simplicity with their digital marketing objectives.

However, having everything in one place may limit some advanced targeting and optimization features (compared to using the full Facebook Business Manager platform); but it can be a great feature for simple ads and beginner campaign strategies.

Pricing Structure

Image Source:

Leadpages, starting at $25/month, is one of the more affordable solutions for choosing a landing page software.

The platform definitely offers a variety of impressive features, modern designs and a user-friendly interface for make high-converting pages.

If you’d like to start with an exclusive free trial, click the button below now!

Advanced Customer Tracking & Testing Features

Image Source:

When it comes to the best landing page software, Instapage is a heavy hitter and offers a variety of advanced features.

For starters, landing pages within this platform are segmented between Google ads, Facebook ads, retargeting campaigns, display ad campaigns, eCommerce and lead generation objectives.

Let me just say that having this degree of landing page differentiation between a campaign’s potential objectives, traffic sources and traffic quality is impressive.

This is a perfect solution for larger agencies, scaling businesses and enterprises that want a robust solution with advanced aspects. Allow me to introduce some of these features below.

Key Features

  • Simple Drag-and-Drop Landing Page Builder & Editor
    • No coding necessary
  • Fully customizable Templates, designs and form building
  • Advanced Real-Time Team Collaboration Tools
    • Messaging
    • Feedback
    • Editing
    • Sharing
  • Advanced Testing & Experimentation Tools
    • Customer heat maps, tracking user behavior on site
    • A/B or multivariate split testing
    • Advanced real-time data tracking to optimize ad spend and campaign ROAS
    • Communication linking across your marketing stack
  • Premium Enterprise Upgrade options

Notable Features

  • Heat Maps for Tracking Customer Behavior
  • AdMap
    • Advanced personalization feature allowing you to visualize and connect your ad campaign structures to relevant landing pages so users have personalized post-click experiences

Instapage truly offers a wide selection of advanced features. One particularly impressive option is their heat map data analysis capabilities.

Being able to track visitor engagement on your landing pages provides invaluable insight for data-based decision-making and optimization improvements.

Further segmenting your audience into unique landing page experiences can enhance your campaign performance and returns significantly. 

Gaining an edge with your digital marketing efforts is secured through this enhanced customization.

Ultimately, the heat map and AdMap features are impressive tools for expanding businesses who wish to fully optimize their sales funnels and user experiences.

Pricing Structure

Image Source:

Again, Instapage is a fantastic choice for enterprises, agencies, businesses with teams who wish to collaborate smoothly or organizations with a focus on scaling and expansion.

It is a slightly higher priced platform, when compared to some of the other options on this list, but it’s advanced capabilities and powerful tracking features earn its place within this list.

The business plan starts at $149/month, billed annually (*$199/month if billed monthly) and comes with a 14-day free trial upon signing up.

Dynamic Landing Pages for Advanced Customization

Image Source:

Unbounce has an impressive following and, as stated on their homepage, is a trusted landing page builder for over 15,000 brands. 

As with the other options, Unbounce also boasts a simple, drag-and-drop page builder with modern, beautiful designs and customizable templates.

With a strategic focus on increasing conversions, the software offers powerful solutions for eCommerce businesses, software as a service (SaaS) providers, marketing agencies and paid traffic and email advertising campaigns.

With 100+ customizable templates, you can quickly and easily create fully optimized pages built to convert, without any developers or coding experience. Let’s look at some key features.

Key Features

  • Simple Drag-and-Drop Page Builder & Editor
  • 100+ Fully Customizable, High-Converting Templates
  • Dynamic, Customized Pop-Ups & Sticky Bars
    • Customize your pop-ups based on each user’s engagement and individual search terms
  • Easily Managed Third Party Integration
  • Team Collaboration Tools
    • Manager multiple users, clients and campaigns under single accounts
  • Security & GDPR Compliance
  • Use the New AI Powered Smart Traffic Feature to Boost Conversions
    • This let’s you run A/B split tests and make optimization decisions with as little as 50 page visits!

Notable Feature

  • Dynamic Pop-Ups & Sticky Bars

Any feature that enables your business to increase your user customization is going to be beneficial. 

Having a dynamic feature integrated into your landing pages provides an automated asset that will enhance your campaign performances and provide a more unique and memorable experience for site visitors.

This is a notable feature that can provide high value for businesses and landing page effectiveness. Ultimately, this feature supports Unbounce’s keen focus on increasing conversions.

Pricing Packages

Image Source:

As with some other options, opting for the annual plan will definitely save you some money (a 20% savings to be exact).

Regardless, if you decide to go with the monthly payment option, pricing plans start at a reasonable $79/month. 

This is a nice mid-range budget solution and provides businesses with an impressive suite of landing pages tools and resources.

Also, the software comes with a 14-day free trial!

A Full Sales Funnel Package With Email Automation & Social Ad Management Tools

Image Source:

Perhaps you’re more familiar with GetResponse as an email automation software solution? If so, you’re not wrong; it is after all definitely their bread and butter. 

However, the company also provides a powerful landing page software for its users. This is another affordable option and comes with the added bonus of an industry-leading email marketing platform.

As with the other page builders, GetResponse also boasts a simple drag-and-drop landing page builder. Customization is a cinch and there a variety of optimization and conversion-boosting features available.

As GetResponse is popular for their email marketing software, managing leads captured from your landing pages can be easily done all within one platform. 

This can save you time and money by not having to set up integrations or purchase additional marketing software.

Key Features

  • Simple Drag-and-Drop Editor
    • No technical, coding or design skills necessary
  • Mobile Responsive & Optimized
  • Wide Selection of Built-In Forms
  • Flexible Publishing Options
    • Use a free subdomain through GetResponse or use an existing owned domain
  • A/B Testing & Straightforward Data Reporting Features
  • Powerful Integration
    • Easily connect with any third-party platform

Notable Feature

  • Save Money on Email Marketing
    • Easily use GetResponse’s powerful email automation software for effective followups
    • Keep everything in one place from landing page lead generation to automated email sequences

Having the support of a trusted industry-leader for email marketing is a powerful asset. Combining this asset with high-converting landing pages is synergy.

At the end of the day, making use of effective follow-up sequences is a lot easier when your email automation provider is within the same dashboard as your landing page campaigns! 

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Pricing Packages

Image Source:

As mentioned above, GetResponse offers an affordable solution and features well-suited for most any business objective.

As you can see, the Basic plan comes in at just $15/month and allows for unlimited landing pages and monthly visitors.

If this software interests you at all, grab an exclusive 30 day free trial by clicking the green button below!

Accounts Come With Advanced Marketing, Sales, Email & CRM Tools

Image Source:

Similar to GetResponse, many businesses, marketers and entrepreneurs are familiar with HubSpot for their CRM platform or their email marketing tools. 

However, this company has an expansive collection of digital marketing solutions and online management tools for businesses, websites and agencies alike.

Naturally, HubSpot’s landing page builder offers a simple, drag-and-drop solution with advanced functionality, support and integration options. 

However, HubSpot’s expansive collection of marketing tools and resources (see the Notable Feature below) differentiates this option.

If you’re a smaller business and looking for something simpler and more straightforward, then I recommend something like ClickFunnels or Leadpages. 

However, if you’re looking for a more powerful, all-in-one solution to your marketing needs, then HubSpot may be your answer.

Similar to the above options, HubSpot’s landing page builder allows you to quickly build high-converting pages without any coding or design experience. 

Readily available and customizable templates also streamline the process and give users the ability to create powerful, lead-generating landing pages literally with just a few clicks of a button.

HubSpot also offers dynamic landing page solutions that automatically direct traffic to landing pages that will be most relevant to the visitor, depending on the their interests, existing relationship (with the brand), location and buying stage.

As mentioned within the Unbounce review above, having this level of personalization can greatly amplify your campaign performance and ROAS.

Key Features

  • Simple Drag-and-Drop Editor & Full Customization Features
  • Quickly Build Ready-to-Go Pages
    • Choose from a large selection of high-converting, done-for-you templates
  • Mobile Responsive and Optimized
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Live Chatbot Feature
  • Simple Data Analytics Dashboard
  • Internally Track Facebook & Instagram Ad Performance
    • Track your campaign ROI and make data-driven decisions all in one place
  • Dynamic Personalization of Landing Pages
    • Automatically customize your landing pages to users
    • Segment landing page experiences based on buyer stage, existing relationship with your brand, interests and region

Notable Feature

  • Access to a Full Suite of Marketing Resources
    • Manage all your contacts easily with an advanced and intuitive CRM
    • Enhance your marketing, email conversions, sales and team management all under one dashboard

As mentioned above, HubSpot excels with their advanced CRM platform, email marketing tools, marketing automation solutions, social media monitoring, SEO resources, ad tracking capabilities and robust integrations (including Salesforce).

So logically, opting for this software platform provides you with an impressive collection of marketing assets to help your business move forward.

Pricing Packages

Image Source:

Although HubSpot has a free plan (great for email marketing solutions), their landing page feature requires an upgraded package.

Under the Starter plan ($50/month), you’ll get limited access to HubSpot’s landing page builder. Upgrading to either the Professional or Enterprise plans will give you full access to the landing page software.

BONUS FEATURE: Are you a startup?

Through HubSpot’s Startups Program, you may qualify for up to a 90% discount on paid plans! You can apply online through the pricing page!

Bonus Content
How to Make A High-Converting Landing Page

My 12-Point Checklist

Choosing a good landing page software is of course important. But it’s equally (and perhaps more) vital that you apply the correct strategies and best practices to ensure your sales page converts well and is a profitable asset to your business.

Whether you’re experienced with sales funnels or this is your first time making a landing page, below I’ve outlined 12 fundamental factors to consider when creating a successful landing page.

Read My Full Post On Landing Page Optimization Here!

These will help ensure you’re optimizing your landing pages for conversions and success.

My 12 points for a successful landing page are:

  • Be Specific
    • Don’t add additional offers, buttons and distracting material.
    • Keep everything on message and simple
    • Have a specific goal or objective for each landing page offer and campaign
  • Have Big & Clear Call to Actions (CTAs)
    • These should be large buttons (i.e., “Click Here Now!”)
    • They should be clearly visible at the top and bottom of your page (at the very least)
    • If you have a long-form sales page, then add your CTA buttons throughout the messaging as well
  • Have a Catchy Headline
    • Make sure your messaging matches from wherever you’re driving traffic from (be it an ad, a blog post or an email)
  • Focus On Your Unique Proposition
  • Add Links to a Privacy Policy & Other Relevant Disclosures
    • Although this isn’t a website, you’ll still need to disclose privacy information to visitors
  • If It’s Simple, Cheap or Free, Keep It Short & Simple
  • If It’s Expensive or Complicated, It’s OK to Have a Long Form Page
    • For example, coaching services or high-ticket products and packages
    • You can still keep the page simple however, and just link to a webinar (great for high-ticket offers)
  • Mind Your Mobile Layout!
    • Mobile traffic is expanding rapidly and requires that you’re mobile landing pages are fully optimized (source)
  • Test Different Landing Page Designs & Templates
    • This is A/B Testing and will help you use and scale your best performing pages
  • Use Done-for-You Templates to Make Your Life Easier
    • This also allows you to use a design that has already demonstrated success
  • Use Images & Visually Interesting Designs
    • Videos tend to be more engaging
    • Using video is a great tool to increase conversions and promote a more engaging experiences
  • Remember, Landing Pages Are Just Part of the Sales Funnel Process
    • So remember, match your offer and messaging to whatever stage your visiting prospects are on in their customer journey
      • Are they cold traffic? Are they re-targeted prospects? Is this a followup for existing customers?
    • Keep in mind what stages follow and/or precede your landing pages
    • Also remember that there are a variety of different funnel formats
      • Some have multiple steps while others are in a simpler 2-step format


Having a good landing page is a significant asset to any profitable campaign. There are many options, features, optimization strategies and designs to consider. 

Furthermore, different audiences, offers and price points will require different landing page strategies.

However, no matter your specific goals, situation or experience, getting started with a simple, high-converting landing page is easier than ever.

As you build and test multiple pages within your campaigns, you’ll quickly realize the full potential of having a beautifully designed sales page for your business or brand. 

I hope this article has helped you in deciding which is the best option for your current business and/or situation.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment below or reach me through my contact page. Thanks again for your time today and happy marketing!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever tried using a landing page! Do you think a business’ main website serves as a good landing page?

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Lyn Matshushita · November 18, 2019 at 5:24 pm

Thank you for sharing this very informative review of the best landing page software.

I am not a savvy-tech and all the information above is all foreign to me and I’m grateful that I came across this article. I bookmarked it for future reference.

Once again thank you so much and best wishes,

    Jeffrey Quinn · November 19, 2019 at 4:13 am

    Hi Lyn! Thanks so much for reading, I’m really happy you could find value in it! Yes, it can be overwhelming to try and differentiate between software products and how and when to use them ~ it’s my goal to make this process easier and provide actionable steps for people!

    Thanks again for the comment and I’ll keep this list updated with fresh content, so check back often 🙂

James A · November 18, 2019 at 6:07 pm

Hi there, wow such an incredibly informative article, I have given some thought to trying out one of these systems like Leadpages. Now with your 12 tips, it looks a little clearer as to how I may find it useful with my website. Thanks much.

    Jeffrey Quinn · November 19, 2019 at 4:17 am

    Hey James! That’s awesome! It’s exciting to start thinking about how you can start using landing pages and sales funnels in your business/website strategies. I’m happy to hear the 12 tips gave you some guidance and help 🙂

    If you ever run into any issues, feel free to leave another comment or reach out directly!

    Thanks again for the comment!

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    Jeffrey Quinn · June 3, 2021 at 5:11 pm

    Thank you so much for your comment and reading – it’s greatly appreciated!

    I always hope my information is valuable, so I’m glad to hear it came across as quick and to-the-point. I try to keep things updated and interesting, so it’s nice to hear from you 🙂

    Thanks again, let me know if you ever have any questions and good luck in your branding and marketing efforts!

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