Running a business today requires various online skills. We have many tools available to us, but understanding the best options for our personal objectives, budget and industry can be daunting. 

No doubt, there are many helpful Kartra reviews available, but this is a Kartra review goes one step further by not only highlighting the key features but also providing the best alternatives – depending on your budget, business/marketing goals and preferences.

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the digital marketing world, you’ve likely come across numerous software tools for the different facets of your business. 

From landing pages and sales funnels to email marketing, data analysis and social media advertising, there are effective solutions for all the moving parts of an online business.

Yet with so many software available, it can be easy to get lost or overwhelmed as to which platforms you should be using, how to organize them and when and how to integrate their functions. This is where Kartra excels.


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Simply put, Kartra is a powerful all-in-one business and marketing software solution. 

Rather than having multiple your marketing tasks and tools spread across multiple platforms and software, Kartra provides businesses with a full suite of some of the most common tools and resources required for digital marketing and modern online business operations.

From email marketing to landing page building and data tracking, Kartra provides a comprehensive solution for most any business or industry. 

So if you like having all your business and marketing centralized into one place and one platform, then Kartra may be an attractive option for you. But let’s take a deeper look at its key features below.

          Key Features & Pricing

          Kartra is an online business platform that integrates your landing pages and sales funnels, checkouts and leads and email and memberships. It’s utility is truly robust, so let’s look at the key features that you get with the software.

          Key Features

          • Easily Create Secure Checkout Forms For Selling Product Online
          • Create Mobile-Optimized, Customized Landing Pages
            • Use Kartra’s simple drag-and-drop page builder
            • Choose from hundreds of professional templates
          • Create & Manage Multi-Step Sales Funnels
            • Lead your prospects through the buying process and customize their engagement with beautiful funnels
          • Collect, Organize & Manage Your Leads
          • Create, Manage & Automate Email Marketing Campaigns
          • Create Members-Only Portals For Exclusive Content
          • Publish Video Content Directly Onto Your Pages
            • Keep your branding & professionalism consistent by not having any third-party watermarks (such as YouTube) on your videos
          • Helpdesk
            • Built-in customer service & support management system
            • Automate responses and set up automated live chat
            • Team collaboration & multi-agent communication
            • Organize customer service tickets by relevant department
            • Access to every customer’s complete billing & transaction history
          • Impressive Calendar Booking System
            • Real-time updates
            • Create & manage well-designed calendars built to increase conversions
            • Display your logo and keep your branding
            • Dynamically adjusts for time zones
          • Create Beautiful Opt-In Forms
            • Quick auto-fill for customers to boost conversions
            • Dozens of ready-made templates
            • Completely customizable
          • Full Affiliate Management System
            • Create and manage your affiliate program, payments and resources
          • Third-Party Integrations
            • Email, payment gateways, SMS platforms, Calendars, etc.
          • Manage Client Accounts Eaasily Under One Dashboard
            • Analytics and built-in client reporting
            • Secure logins
            • Manage multiple clients and accounts
            • Organized and simple client account management and billing

          At this point, you may be wondering “OK that’s great – so what’s the damage?” 

          Honestly, when compared to some of the platform’s top competitors, Kartra’s pricing structure is really not too bad.

          The Starter plan starts at just under $100 with options that scale all the way to over $500 (for Enterprise solutions). 

          However, you can try the software for 14 days before deciding to make the purchase.


          • Starter Plan – $99/month
          • Silver Plan – $199/month
          • Gold Plan – $299/month
          • Platinum Plan – $499/month
          • Enterprise Plan – varies

          Who Is Kartra For?

          So, we’ve looked at Kartra’s key features, its pricing and I think it’s safe to say we have a good handle on the platform. All this brings us to the final portion of this review: Who this platform is for and who this platform is not for.

          First we’ll dive into exactly who this platform can help. 

          Considering its diverse suite of team management and client account management tools, Kartra is well suited for medium-large sized businesses that have an existing infrastructure of clients, products and offers, teams and marketing protocols.

          Still, for small to medium-sized businesses that are looking to expand rapidly, adopting many of Kartra’s features can help to build upon your existing framework as you scale and move forward.

          Who Is Kartra Not For?

          You’ve likely gathered from the earlier details that Kartra is a rather extensive tool with numerous functions, resources and applications. 

          As such, it’s not necessarily the right choice for everyone. 

          Specifically, this software is not necessary for small businesses that do not have the sales, marketing and clients that require business management software.

          Since Kartra is aimed more directly at the management of large teams, multiple client accounts, complex marketing funnels and followups and diverse revenue-generating channels, its features may not be necessary for smaller organizations or smaller-scale solopreneurs.

           You want to be sure that you have the material, data and/or client base to take full advantage of Kartra’s features.

          As such, if Kartra may not be your best choice (at this point in time), I’ve included a collection of other business and marketing software solutions below.

          The Best Alternatives To Kartra

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          As you can see, Kartra is a fantastic software solution with both impressive credibility and functionality. But that’s not to say there aren’t other great substitute products available. 

          Therefore, this last portion of this post will highlight some of the top competitors and alternatives to Kartra.

          HubSpot is a powerful business management software, perhaps best known for its CRM and email automation tools. 

          However, the platform boasts a variety of features, including landing pages, automation tools, team collaboration functions and membership site options.

          There is a completely free option that will give users access to HubSpot CRM for client management as well as its email marketing tools; to gain access to other features, plan upgrades start at only $50/month. 

          Here are some key features to consider:

          • Powerful, Industry Leading CRM
            • Easily Organize, Nurture & Manage Customer Relationships
          • Email & Prospect Tracking
          • Drag-and-Drop Landing Page Builder
          • Full Sales Pipeline Management & Tracking
          • Live Chat & Chatbot Builder
          • Live Notifications for Email Open Events
          • Third-Party Integrations
          • Email Autoresponder With Templates, Segmenting & Automated Scheduling
          • Data Tracking & Analytics
          • Team Collaboration Features
            • Easily work as a team with multiple users per accounts and within a conversation inbox
          • Form Building (Pop-Ups & Embedded)
          • Completely Free to Join

          Builderall is popular for its landing page builder and marketing tools, but the amount of features included in its plans is impressively comprehensive. 

          And starting at only $29.90/month, it’s an affordable yet extensive business and marketing management software solution for business to consider using. 

          Let’s check out its key features:

          • Powerful & Simple Drag-and-Drop Landing Page/Sales Funnel Builder
          • In-House “Canvas Funnel Builder” to Streamline the Process
          • Built-In Email Marketing App & Professional Email Address With Domain(s)
          • Facebook Messenger Chat
          • Automate Posting
          • Share Funnels & Share Websites
            • This allows users to share their own templates and site with anyone else
            • ClickFunnels (see below) also has a similar feature
          • Create Your Own Affiliate Network
          • Create Membership Sites
          • Over 1,000 Ready-to-Use Templates
          • A/B Split Testing
          • Full Sales Funnel Builder With Checkout, Order Bumps & Funnel Templates
          • SEO Optimized
          • Advanced Data Tracking & Analytics Including Heatmaps
          • Copy Script Generator
          • Many More…

          Ontraport is an impressive software with a variety of marketing and business automation tools for larger and/or expanding businesses. 

          The platform comes standard with a CRM, email marketing, landing page building, membership site options and sales tools. 

          Let’s have a look at its key features in more detail:

          • Complete Marketing & Sales Funnel Building + Automation
          • All-in-One Business, Sales & Marketing Automation
          • Simple Email Marketing With Advanced Features
          • Landing Page Builder
          • Data Tracking & Marketing Analytics
          • Referral Program Capabilities
            • Create referral programs that incentivize referrers to generate leads and sales for you
          • Full CRM Platform
          • Membership Site Builder
          • Sales Force Automation
          • E-Commerce Tools
            • Upsells, payment gateways and product management to name a few

          Finally, we come to ClickFunnels. This software is best known for its sales funnel builder and its intuitively simple drag-and-drop page builder. 

          Some features that stand out with this software are its share funnels and funnel marketplace, its highly active and engaged online community and its unique affiliate program (which is automatically available to all members). 

          Let’s explore the software’s features more:

          • Complete Sales Funnel Builder
          • Done-for-You High-Converting Templates
          • Complete Sales Funnel Building Software
          • Built-In Email Autoresponder
          • Extremely Simple & Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Editor for Easy Customization
          • A/B Split Testing
          • Share Funnels
            • This let’s any user share a one of their completed, premium funnel templates with any other user (often for free)
          • The Funnel Builder Tool
            • A step-by-step guide walks you through creating a sales funnel based on your industry, offer and objectives
          • A Very Engaged Community & Great Training Resources
          • Automatically a Member of Their Unique Affiliate Program
            • You can win a free car (while also enjoying 40% monthly recurring commissions) by referring just 100 people
          • Various Landing Page Designs That Are Fully Optimized
            • Simple, high-converting 2-step lead generation landing pages
            • Webinar funnels
            • E-Commerce funnels (with payment gateways, one-click up-sells and one-time offers
            • Long-form sales pages
            • Video sales pages
            • And many more…
          • A 14-Day Free Trial


          Overall, Kartra is a great option for larger businesses or companies that have larger teams, many client accounts to manage and are focused on scaling and have many moving parts in their business. 

          If this sounds like you and you’d like to automate these processes while keeping them conveniently all in one place, then Kartra may be a perfect fit for you.

          However, if you’re still growing or you’re running only a small team with not too may tools, you may want to look into getting started with something simpler.

          You can always upgrade when you’re business grows to a point where you need more software solutions with greater inter-platform integration and communication.

          Although Kartra is an extremely simple and intuitive platform with a host of impressive features, there are substitute products worth considering if you’d like to manage your budget more. 

          Regardless of your decision, each of the platforms (including Kartra) all come with completely free (or almost free) trials.

          So if you’re still on the fence as to which software to choose, there’s no harm in trying out each one and seeing which interface you like the best!

          So that’s a wrap for today! Thank you for stopping by and reading and I hope the information was helpful and informative!

          Let me know in the comments: Do you think having a business and marketing management software is necessary for small businesses?

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